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Legislation authored by W.V. Dunnam, Sr.

Includes legislation with W.V. Dunnam, Sr. as the primary author for the 35th through 35th Legislatures. For other types of authorship, search the Legislative Archive System.
Please note author information is not complete for the 43rd through 45th Legislatures or for sessions prior to the 30th.

35th Regular Session
HB 19 Caption: Relating to regulating and limiting the interest rate in the State of Texas and defining usury; prescribing penalties.
HB 49 Caption: Relating to amending an act creating a more efficient road system for Coryell county; providing that any citizen of Coryell county liable to road duty who shall pay to the county treasurer three dollars shall be exempt from road duty.
HB 126 Caption: Relating to the county school superintendents and other officers so as to provide for a referendum vote in districts of a certain population.
HB 293 Caption: Relating to requiring bells to be placed at all interurban railway crossings.
HB 295 Caption: Relating to amending the law relating to occupation taxes on dealers of pistols.
HB 339 Caption: Relating to providing for the establishment of a training school for delinquent negro boys in Henderson county.
HB 346 Caption: Relating to requiring owners and operators to equip automobiles with adequate head and tail lights; providing penalties.
HB 532 Caption: Relating to defining a delinquent child and to regulate the treatment and control of same; providing for the commitment of the delinquent juveniles in the State institution to be known as the State Training School for Boys and to provide for the appointment of trustees and a superintendent and defining the duties of such; providing that such trustees shall be under the control and shall act and carry out the instructions of the State Superintendent of Public Instruction; providing penalties.
HB 619 Caption: Relating to preventing the selling of bass and white pearch, or crappy, taken from the fresh waters in the County of Coryell, State of Texas; providing a penalty for the violation hereof.
HB 715 Caption: Relating to creating a special road law for Lampasas county.
HJR 34 Caption: Proposing an amendment relating to the legal and conventional rate of interest.
HJR 37 Caption: Proposing an amendment to Section 1, Article 8. of the Constitution relating to taxation and revenue; making an appropriation.
35th 2nd Called Session
HB 14 Caption: Relating to providing that a defendant who is in the service of the United States as a soldier shall not be required to answer to the merits of a demand sued upon during the time he is actively engaged.
35th 3rd Called Session
HB 53 Caption: Relating to repealing "An Act to establish a branch of the Agricultural and Mechanical College of Texas in that portion of Western Texas lying west of the Ninety-eight meridian and north of the Twenty-ninth parallel.