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A conference committee is called to work out differences between the house version and the senate version of a bill that has been amended after engrossment. For more information about conference committees, see The Legislative Process in Texas - Conference committee from the Texas Legislature Online.

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88th Regular Session

Bill Caption Scanned CCRs File Size
HB 1 General Appropriations Bill. HB 1   10094 kb
HB 3 Relating to the development and implementation of, and funding for public school safety and security requirements. HB 3   24178 kb
HB 4 Relating to the regulation of the collection, use, processing, and treatment of consumers' personal data by certain business entities; imposing a civil penalty. HB 4   15050 kb
HB 5 Relating to agreements to create jobs and to generate state and local tax revenue for this state. HB 5   31519 kb
HB 9 Relating to the development and funding of broadband and telecommunications services; making an appropriation. HB 9   5585 kb
HB 12 Relating to the duration of services provided under Medicaid to women following a pregnancy. HB 12   1788 kb
HB 17 Relating to the official misconduct and removal of district attorneys and county attorneys. HB 17   4189 kb
HB 30 Relating to access to certain law enforcement, corrections, and prosecutorial records under the public information law. HB 30   1470 kb
HB 357 Relating to the requirements to access the online tracker of an application for a ballot to be voted by mail. HB 357   1244 kb
HB 473 Relating to parental rights regarding a threat assessment of a student conducted by a public school's threat assessment and safe and supportive school team. HB 473   1226 kb
HB 621 Relating to creating a temporary educator certification for certain military service members. HB 621   2545 kb
HB 915 Relating to the creation of a workplace violence hotline and a requirement that employers post notice regarding the hotline. HB 915   1798 kb
HB 1243 Relating to the penalty for the offense of illegal voting; increasing a criminal penalty. HB 1243   1115 kb
HB 1277 Relating to pedestrian use of a sidewalk. HB 1277   1095 kb
HB 1500 Relating to the continuation and functions of the Public Utility Commission of Texas and the Office of Public Utility Counsel, and the functions of the independent organization certified for the ERCOT power region. HB 1500   28707 kb
HB 1595 Relating to the administration and investment of, and distribution and use of money from, certain constitutional and statutory funds to support general academic teaching institutions in achieving national prominence as major research universities and driving the state economy; redesignating the national research fund as the Texas University Fund. HB 1595   8766 kb
HB 2026 Relating to the Rural Veterinarian Incentive Program. HB 2026   1695 kb
HB 2121 Relating to the form of a rendition statement or property report used to render property for ad valorem tax purposes. HB 2121   853 kb
HB 2484 Relating to the safety of a referee, judge, or other official at certain public school extracurricular activities and prohibiting certain conduct by a spectator related to those officials' safety. HB 2484   2371 kb
HB 2559 Relating to the persons authorized to administer an oath in this state. HB 2559   1631 kb
HB 2729 Relating to teacher requirements for high quality prekindergarten programs. HB 2729   1157 kb
HB 3059 Relating to the export fee charged for the transfer of groundwater from a groundwater conservation district. HB 3059   2011 kb
HB 3104 Relating to the temporary exemption of certain tangible personal property related to certain connected data center projects from sales and use taxes. HB 3104   5577 kb
HB 3297 Relating to the elimination of regular mandatory vehicle safety inspections for noncommercial vehicles and the imposition of replacement fees. HB 3297   4319 kb
HB 3372 Relating to the reporting of political contributions, including in-kind contributions, and expenditures made using a credit card. HB 3372   1651 kb
HB 3440 Relating to posting and other requirements applicable to certain governmental bodies under the open meetings law. HB 3440   1483 kb
HB 3447 Relating to the establishment and administration of the Texas Aerospace Research and Space Economy Consortium and the Texas Space Commission. HB 3447   11311 kb
HB 3452 Relating to the discipline of judges by the State Commission on Judicial Conduct and the legislature. HB 3452   6443 kb
HB 3474 Relating to the operation and administration of and practices and procedures regarding proceedings in the judicial branch of state government, including the service of process and delivery of documents related to the proceedings, the administration of oaths, and the management of the Texas Indigent Defense Commission, and the composition of certain juvenile boards; establishing a civil penalty; increasing certain court costs; authorizing fees. HB 3474   34024 kb
HB 3697 Relating to county regulation of subdivisions and approval of subdivision plans or plats. HB 3697   5399 kb
HB 3699 Relating to municipal regulation of subdivisions and approval of subdivision plans or plats. HB 3699   7055 kb
HB 4227 Relating to the repeal of a municipal civil service system for firefighters and police officers in certain municipalities. HB 4227   2286 kb
HB 4443 Relating to the allocation of certain federal money provided under the Cranston-Gonzalez National Affordable Housing Act. HB 4443   1548 kb
HB 4635 Relating to organized crime, racketeering activities, and collection of unlawful debts; providing a civil penalty; creating criminal offenses. HB 4635   16771 kb
HJR 3 Proposing a constitutional amendment renaming the national research university fund as the Texas University Fund, providing for the appropriation of certain investment income from the economic stabilization fund to the Texas University Fund, excepting appropriations to and from the Texas University Fund from the constitutional limit on the rate of growth of appropriations, and appropriating money from the general revenue fund to the Texas University Fund to be spent for purposes of providing funding to certain public institutions of higher education to achieve national prominence as major research universities and drive the state economy. HJR 3   3429 kb
HJR 125 Proposing a constitutional amendment creating the broadband infrastructure fund to assist in the financing of broadband and telecommunications services projects in the state. HJR 125   2974 kb
SB 10 Relating to benefits paid by the Teacher Retirement System of Texas. SB 10   6483 kb
SB 12 Relating to restricting certain sexually oriented performances on public property, on the premises of a commercial enterprise, or in the presence of a child; authorizing a civil penalty; creating a criminal offense. SB 12   2414 kb
SB 17 Relating to public higher education reform; authorizing administrative penalties. SB 17   5109 kb
SB 22 Relating to the establishment of grant programs to provide financial assistance to qualified sheriff's departments, district attorney's offices, and county attorney's offices in rural counties. SB 22   3583 kb
SB 28 Relating to financial assistance provided and programs administered by the Texas Water Development Board. SB 28   10339 kb
SB 29 Relating to prohibited governmental entity implementation or enforcement of a vaccine mandate, mask requirement, or private business or school closure to prevent the spread of COVID-19. SB 29   1576 kb
SB 30 Relating to supplemental appropriations and reductions in appropriations and giving direction and adjustment authority regarding appropriations. SB 30   25564 kb
SB 133 Relating to prohibiting the physical restraint of or use of chemical irritants on certain public school students by peace officers and school security personnel under certain circumstances. SB 133   2248 kb
SB 222 Relating to paid leave by certain state employees for the birth or adoption of a child. SB 222   2353 kb
SB 409 Relating to the rights of victims, guardians of victims, and close relatives of deceased victims in the criminal justice system. SB 409   1675 kb
SB 500 Relating to the value of a residential dwelling offered or awarded as a prize at a charitable raffle. SB 500   847 kb
SB 763 Relating to allowing public schools to employ or accept as volunteers chaplains to provide support, services, and programs for students. SB 763   1858 kb
SB 773 Relating to access to certain investigational drugs, biological products, and devices used in clinical trials by patients with severe chronic diseases. SB 773   2501 kb
SB 1188 Relating to receivership of the Agua Special Utility District and requirements for directors of the Agua Special Utility District. SB 1188   3219 kb
SB 1238 Relating to broadband development. SB 1238   4424 kb
SB 1445 Relating to the continuation and functions of the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement. SB 1445   15796 kb
SB 1500 Relating to powers and duties of navigation districts and the boards of trustees of municipal port facilities. SB 1500   2541 kb
SB 1516 Relating to the procedures for an application for a writ of habeas corpus and the issuance of the writ. SB 1516   3462 kb
SB 1677 Relating to the establishment and administration of Health and Human Services Commission programs providing mental health services to certain individuals in this state. SB 1677   2775 kb
SB 1727 Relating to the continuation and functions of the Texas Juvenile Justice Department, the functions of the office of independent ombudsman for the Texas Juvenile Justice Department, and the powers and duties of the office of inspector general of the Texas Juvenile Justice Department. SB 1727   21965 kb
SB 1893 Relating to prohibiting the use of certain social media applications and services on devices owned or leased by governmental entities. SB 1893   3144 kb
SB 1933 Relating to certain oversight procedures of the state over county elections. SB 1933   6355 kb
SB 2315 Relating to the creation of a task force to develop a plan for the consolidation of the functions of workforce development programs administered by the Texas Workforce Commission and social services programs administered by the Health and Human Services Commission. SB 2315   2353 kb
SB 2601 Relating to payment of costs related to the relocation of certain utility facilities for state highway projects. SB 2601   1149 kb
SB 2627 Relating to funding mechanisms to support the construction, maintenance, and modernization of dispatchable electric generating facilities. SB 2627   13059 kb
SJR 75 Proposing a constitutional amendment creating the Texas water fund to assist in financing water projects in this state. SJR 75   2453 kb

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