33rd Regular Session (1913) – Governor Oscar Branch Colquitt

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HB 5 Providing for county parks.   Veto
HB 21 To reorganize the Twenty-eighth Judicial District and creating the Seventy-fourth Judicial District, fixing time of holding courts in each.   Veto
HB 29 Relating to authorizing the Missouri, Kansas & Texas Railway Company of Texas to lease or purchase certain lines of railway.
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HB 46 Relating to ex-officio salaries of county attorneys.   Veto
HB 59 To erect memorials in memory of Texas soldiers who served in the war between the State; and to create commission to carry out the provisions.   Veto
HB 65 To establish a State normal school to be located at Waco.   Veto
HB 88 To create the Seventy-first Judicial District and to reorganize the Thirty-fourth and Forty-first Judicial Districts.   Veto
HB 102 Making it a felony to carry a pistol.   Veto
HB 180 Granting railway corporations generating power and having a surplus to sell same.   Veto
HB 245 Relating to officers of elections assisting the voter in preparing his ballot.   Veto
HB 348 Limiting expenses of holding elections for the purpose of issuing bonds by the commissioners court of any county or city for any purpose.   Veto
HB 354 Authorizing the establishment of county hospitals.   Veto
HB 366 Requiring the State Health Department to disseminate information concerning the cause, nature and extent of communicable diseases, providing display and exhibit in railway cars. Note: HB366 from the 33rd Regular Session was "filed with veto of the Governor, vetoing the appropriation set aside for purposes contained in the Act, and was inadvertently omitted in printing the Laws of the Regular Session of the 33rd Leg., Regular Session, and is printed in the Laws of the 33rd Leg., 1st C.S." (at chapter 45).   Veto
HB 370 Making appropriation for repairs on Capitol roof.   Veto
HB 376 To create and establish a State training school and home for the feeble-minded of Texas.   Veto
HB 382 Creating in the Department of Agriculture a division known as the marketing bureau.   Veto
HB 392 Providing for joint investigation by the State of Texas and the United States of the water resources of the State of Texas.   Veto
HB 472 Providing for the electrocution of criminals condemned to death. Proclamation   Veto
HB 580 Providing for the establishment of an Agricultural Experiment Station for North Texas, known as the cross-timber prairie section.   Veto
HB 583 Relating to making appropriations for deficiencies in appropriations heretofore made for the support of the State government for the fiscal years ending August 31, 1910, August 31, 1911, August 31, 1912, and August 31, 1913, being for claims registered in the office of the Comptroller in accordance with law and for outstanding claims not registered and to make additional emergency appropriations for the support of the State government for the years ending August 31, 1912 and August 31, 1913.   Veto
HB 594 To create a more efficient road law for Tom Green County.   Veto
HB 606 Providing for the redemption by the owner of lands or lots that may hereafter be sold for taxes.   Veto
HB 626 Creating the Floydada Independent School District, in Floyd County.   Veto
HB 728 Creating a more efficient road law for Wichita County.   Veto
HB 805 To provide for compensation for the county commissioners and county judge of Galveston County.   Veto
HB 894 To provide for rural banking associations, for the purpose of extending productive loans at reasonable rate of interest for members.   Veto
SB 8 To create a State Highway Department and establish a State Highway Commission and the office of State Highway Engineer.   Veto
SB 26 To establish the Central West Texas Normal College.   Veto
SB 54 Providing for the regulation and control of hospitals maintained or established or conducted by means of funds derived from deducting from the wages of or collections from the employees of railway companies.
Governor's Message to Senate - Senate Journal Text
SB 88 Regulating the sale of intoxicating liquors and fixing the hours of opening and closing any house or place of business where intoxicating liquor is licensed to be sold.   Veto
SB 95 To provide that purchasers of free school land in certain counties may transfer same in one-sixteenth of a section tracts or multiples thereof.   Veto
SB 114 To exempt from the provisions of the general laws of Texas, relating to the practice of veterinary medicine and surgery all of those who had been for three years before said act went into effect regularly engaged in the counties of their residence, in the practice of veterinary medicine, surgery and dentistry.   Veto
SB 146 To provide for the organization of a Court of Civil Appeals within the Ninth Supreme Judicial District.   Veto
SB 159 To permit the issuance of State first grade certificate to persons who have done certain required work in the standard junior colleges of Texas.   Veto
SB 320 To reorganize the Fifth and Seventh Judicial Districts and create the Seventy-third Judicial District.   Veto
SB 338 To reorganize the Thirty-eighth, the Fifty-first, Sixty-third and Seventieth Judicial Districts; and to create the Seventy-fifth Judicial District.   Veto
SB 371 Providing for the establishment and maintenance of agricultural experiment station near Lufkin, Texas.   Veto
SB 378 To authorize the commissioners court of the several counties of the State to establish irrigation districts.   Veto
SB 402 To reorganize the Thirteenth Judicial District and to create the Seventy-sixth Judicial District.   Veto
SB 434 Relating to authorizing railways to acquire, either by purchase or lease, and to own, maintain and operate, or cause to be operated demonstration and experiment farms; orchards and gardens.   Veto
SB 484 Creating a special district court for McLennan County.   Veto
HCR 17 Relating to a complete sanitation of the Capitol building.   Veto

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