38th 2nd Called Session (1923) – Governor Pat M. Neff

Bill Caption Document
HB 5 Appropriating certain sum to the Judicial Departments.   Veto
HB 7 Appropriating certain sum to aid public schools.   Veto
HB 23 An act appropriating certain aid to rural schools.   Veto
HB 41 Making appropriation to pay salaries of officers and employees of the eleemosynary institutions   Veto
HB 51 To amend the law relating to the purchase of free text books.   Veto
HB 126 An act to protect and promote the fruit and vegetable industry.   Veto
HB 172 An act creating the Parks Independent School District.   Veto
HB 237 An act creating the Jacksonville Independent School District.   Veto
SB 3 An act making certain appropriations to the educational institutions of the State.   Veto
SB 20 An act providing for additional inspectors for the Live Stock Sanitary Commission.   Veto
SB 21 An act to create the Eleventh Supreme Judicial District of Texas.   Veto
SB 29 An act making certain emergency appropriations.   Veto
SB 32 An act making appropriations for the State government for two years.   Veto
SB 92 An act making appropriations to pay miscellaneous claims against the State.   Veto
HCR 9 Relating to investigation of the Standard Oil Company.   Veto
HCR 12 Appropriating funds to pay the salary of the engineer for eleemosynary institutions of the State.   Veto

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