52nd Regular Session (1951) – Governor Robert Allan Shivers

Bill Caption Document
HB 56 The selection of jurors in certain counties.   Veto
HB 67 Provision that tax certificates to be evidence of payment of taxes.
House Override - House Journal Text
No indication of Senate Override
HB 90 Fix salary of justices of peace in certain counties (Victoria).   Veto
HB 252 Control of Junior Colleges in certain independent school districts by a Board of Regents of nine members.   Veto
HB 256 Fix the salary of justices of peace and constables in certain counties (18,300 to 18, 400 population).   Veto
HB 278 Provide for a stenographer or clerk for county judges in certain counties.   Veto
HB 316 Abolish lease board for Camp Hulen lands.   Veto
HB 319 Provide tax assessor-collector for rural high school districts in certain counties.   Veto
HB 331 Provide for open season in Live Oak County when approved by Commissioners Court.   Veto
HB 417 Temporary admission method of citation in connection with estates of decedents.   Veto
HB 426 General Appropriations Bill
Line item veto.
HB 454 Allow overpayments of franchise taxes of corporations to be credited against taxes of following year.   Veto
HB 470 Salary of commissioners in certain counties (Cherokee).   Veto
HB 510 Amend law as to procedure on extradition.   Veto
HB 521 Provide a shorthand reporter for county court of Gregg County.   Veto
HB 610 Fix pay of election judges and clerks in certain counties.   Veto
HB 694 Salary of County School Board Trustees fixed in certain counties.   Veto
HB 710 Amend election laws for school tax elections in certain counties (Bexar).   Veto
HB 717 Issuance of bonds by cities for bridges over the Rio Grande.   Veto
HB 796 Traveling expenses of Sheriffs in counties of 450,000 or more population.   Veto
HB 803 Automatic forfeiture of fishing and hunting licenses for certain violations of game laws.   Veto
SB 56 Validation of school assessments in general.   Veto
SB 69 Deer law for Bowie, Cass and Marion Counties.   Veto
SB 126 County attorney in certain counties may employ investigator to be paid as authorized by Commissioners Court.   Veto
SB 199 Fix the salary of the county sheriffs and deputies.   Veto
SB 206 The county judge may employ stenographer in certain counties.   Veto
SB 210 Allow leases by cities and counties on school and other lands for oil, gas, and minerals.   Veto
SB 240 Refund of 2% of tax allowed to retail dealers in motor fuel for shrinkage.   Veto
SB 244 Armory Board to sell certain land in Harris County.   Veto
SB 301 On motor fuel taxes, the distributor to deduct losses of expenses of collecting tax when remitted by him.   Veto
SB 302 Travel expenses in certain counties for commissioners.   Veto
SB 333 To repeal law requiring bills of sale and other burdens of lumber.   Veto
SB 380 County unit system of schools for certain counties.   Veto
SB 386 Change method of adoption of school textbooks.   Veto
SB 400 Travel expenses for County Commissioners in certain counties (26,600 - 26,700 population and bordering on two states).   Veto
SB 414 Armstrong County transferred from 47th to 100th Judicial District.   Veto
HCR 138 To recall from Governor, House Bill No. 717 for further consideration.   Veto
SCR 63 To recall Senate Bill No. 414 from Governor for further consideration.   Veto

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