59th Regular Session (1965) – Governor John B. Connally, Jr.

Bill Caption Document
HB 12 Relating to General Appropriations Act.
Line item veto
HB 14 Relating to the creation of a medical department at Texas Technological College.   Veto
HB 45 Relating to fees of county clerks and clerks of county courts.   Veto
HB 80 Relating to application of pesticides and licensing commercial applicators.   Veto
HB 118 Providing for additional class of counties which may establish junior college districts.
Proclamation unavailable.
HB 179 Relating to issuance of certificates showing amount of taxes, interest, penalties, and costs due on property and effect of certain of these certificates when introduced into evidence in certain suits.   Veto
HB 303 Amending Art. 2815h, V.T.C.S. providing for an additional class of counties which may establish junior college districts.   Veto
HB 329 Relating to use of motor vehicles on property owned or under the control of certain junior college districts.   Veto
HB 398 To allow recovery of attorney's fees in certain actions.   Veto
HB 419 To increase per diem paid members attending meetings of Veterans Affairs Commission.   Veto
HB 422 To provide that motor vehicles of certain organizations may be registered for $5.   Veto
HB 468 Relating to filing fees for candidates for State Representative and State Senator.   Veto
HB 532 Relating to the state's prior lien on corporate property to secure payment of taxes.   Veto
HB 591 Authorizing an employer to extend Workmen's Compensation benefits to certain employees.   Veto
HB 618 Authorizing certain county auditors to prescribe a system of accounting for collection of fines and fees.   Veto
HB 647 Authorizing a common school district to assess and collect taxes as provided for independent school districts.   Veto
HB 699 Relating to investment of trust funds by officials of certain cities.   Veto
HB 707 Providing an administrator for certain independent school districts.   Veto
HB 736 Relating to public transportation service under the Foundation School Program Act.   Veto
HB 748 Relating to the use of motor vehicles on property under the control of certain junior college districts.   Veto
HB 753 To include pregnant girls who are residents of licensed maternity homes as "exceptional children."   Veto
HB 765 Relating to franchise tax exemption for corporations organized for public charity.   Veto
HB 814 Retirement credit for teaching in private or parochial school.   Veto
HB 850 Authorizing University of Texas to acquire certain properties in Travis County.   Veto
HB 940 Relating to mode of paying poll tax.   Veto
HB 991 Establishment of comprehensive vocational and technical education programs.   Veto
HB 992 Relating to a creditor's remedy against a person who has a dormant deposit or inactive account which is advertised.   Veto
HB 1042 Creating Upper Colorado River Authority.   Veto
HB 1135 Creating the Nassau Bay Hospital District in Harris County.   Veto
SB 50 Providing sick leave policy for all teachers employed in the Texas Public Free Schools.   Veto
SB 55 Relating to residence requirements for employees and officials of city government.   Veto
SB 59 Amending the Texas Banking Code.   Veto
SB 160 Transferring control and management of East Texas State University and West Texas State University to new and separate Boards of Regents.   Veto
SB 167 Amending Liquor Control Act relating to purchase, transportation, etc. of alcoholic beverages by minors.   Veto
SB 233 Defining the word audit when applied to examination of claims and accounts submitted to the Comptroller.   Veto
SB 278 Relating to County Civil Court at Law of Bexar County.   Veto
SB 384 Amending Sec. 4, Art. 695a, V.T.C.S. relating to appointment of county child welfare boards.   Veto
SB 385 Establishing Permian State College at Odessa.   Veto
SB 391 Adding Lt. Governor to membership of State Building Commission.   Veto
SB 457 Amending Art. 1.13, Title 122A, relating to acceptance of postmark as evidence of timely making of payments of filing documents.   Veto
SB 544 Reclassification of Texarkana Junior College as a public senior college, to be known as Northeast Texas State College.   Veto

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