60th Regular Session (1967) – Governor John B. Connally, Jr.

Bill Caption Document
HB 25 Creating a State Commission for the Deaf.   Veto
HB 83 To provide that time served in the Legislature and as a County Judge of the State shall be credited to length of judicial service.   Veto
HB 120 Establishes a minimum salary for school bus drivers.   Veto
HB 172 Additional powers to the State Soil and Water Conservation Board.   Veto
HB 204 Changing qualification for jurors in civil and criminal cases. Deleting the requirement that a juror be a freeholder in the state or a house holder in the County or wife of a householder in the County.   Veto
HB 363 Relating to making appropriations for and directing payment of certain miscellaneous claims and judgments out of the General Revenue Fund and other funds designated herein.
Line item veto.
HB 486 Texas Parks and Wildlife Department to create a state park on land located in Dallas County, to be known as Mountain Lake State Park.   Veto
HB 561 Delinquent taxes and penalties under the taxation as to operators of places of amusement.   Veto
HB 642 pertaining to the time that cigarette distributors are allowed to make payment for cigarette stamps received from the State Treasurer.   Veto
HB 757 Pertaining to selection of Law Students of Law faculty to provide assistance of counsel to indigent.   Veto
HB 781 Sales of Alcoholic beverages-package store operators.   Veto
HB 786 Relative to probation of delinquent child.   Veto
HB 807 Exempt cigar and tobacco products from taxes imposed in chapter 8, title 122A.   Veto
HB 821 Purchase of State tax liens.   Veto
HB 865 Comptroller of Public Accounts to direct a sheriff to seize and sell personal property for the payment of delinquent taxes.   Veto
HB 867 Definition of shorthand reporting--the occupation or profession sought to be regulated.   Veto
HB 939 Custody of Museum building at Washington-on-the-Brazos.   Veto
HB 972 Pertaining to North Texas Municipal Water District.   Veto
HB 999 Providing for the operation of 10 month school year program for pilot school districts.   Veto
HB 1013 Creation of the office of Public Defender.   Veto
HB 1029 Creation of the Long Island Utility District in Cameron County.   Veto
HB 1064 Prohibiting the use of certain shrimp trawls in the shrimp nursery grounds of Harris, Chambers and Galveston Counties.   Veto
HB 1086 Relating to allowing public police investigations on private property without a warrant.   Veto
HB 1095 Pertaining to assessment of agricultural land.   Veto
HB 1137 Establishes a formula for salary of classroom teachers for operation of non-English speaking children program.   Veto
HB 1164 Providing for an extension of the hours for permissible consumption of liquor and beer in counties of 3,000,000 or more population.   Veto
HB 1366 Repealing HB362, 60th Legislature.   Veto
SB 15 General Appropriations Act.
Line Item Veto
SB 25 Allowing beneficiary of Trust created before Texas Trust Act to elect to come under the Act.   Veto
SB 28 Pilot program for pre-school children who have language disorders.   Veto
SB 29 Redefines the term "exceptional children" to include language handicapped children and pregnant girls who are residents of licensed maternity homes.   Veto
SB 63 Pertaining to increasing benefits for Legislative members under the Employees Retirement System.   Veto
SB 71 Establishing a minimum sick leave program for public school teachers.   Veto
SB 106 Providing for a new formula for allocating special service teacher units.   Veto
SB 163 Permitting use of certain seines to catch shrimp for personal use on Gulf Beaches of Jefferson, Galveston, Chambers, and Brazoria Counties.   Veto
SB 290 Creating a new board of Regents for jurisdiction over West Texas State University.   Veto
SB 314 Provides for additional supervision in the exceptional children program.   Veto
SB 394 Special School project for pre-school children who are mentally retarded.   Veto
SB 502 Making certain changes in the law pertaining to inscriptions required on state owned vehicles.   Veto
SB 517 Amending statutes relating to Lower Colorado River Authority, sale of bonds to U.S.A., steam plants, increasing principal amount of bonds to be issued, rights and powers of bondholders, etc.   Veto
SB 581 Creating the Texas Toll Bridge Authority.   Veto
SB 617 Creating Court of Domestic Relations #5 in Harris County   Veto
HCR 110 Giving Tilford Edwards, et al. permission to sue the State of Texas.   Veto
HCR 114 Giving Leonard Milstead permission to sue the State of Texas.   Veto
HCR 118 Giving A.T. Wainscott et ux. permission to sue the State of Texas.   Veto
HCR 140 Giving George Truett Wilson permission to sue the State of Texas.   Veto
SCR 19 Giving Walter G. Schwarz permission to sue the State of Texas.   Veto
SCR 29 Giving Willard Barnett permission to sue the State of Texas.   Veto
SCR 47 Giving J.C. Evans and George Evans permission to sue the State of Texas.   Veto

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