61st Regular Session (1969) – Governor Preston Smith

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HB 17 Relating to construction and maintenance of private roads by counties of 2500-2599 population.   Veto
HB 117 Making liable for tort claims for personal injury all units of government, to be known as Texas Tort Claims Act.   Veto
HB 403 Relating to display of certain prohibited weapons by persons engaged in the business of selling, buying or renting these weapons.   Veto
HB 836 Providing for county bail bond control boards in certain counties and regulating the business of giving bail.   Veto
HB 930 Creating The University of Texas at Arlington.   Veto
HB 1023 Relating to issuance of patents on surveyed school land, and vacant and unsurveyed land.   Veto
HB 1052 Relating to the determination of the salaries of court reporters.   Veto
HB 1337 Creating a Court of Domestic Relations in Harrison County.   Veto
HB 1411 Relating to salary to be paid the Criminal District Attorney of Harrison County and his assistants.   Veto
HB 1412 Relating to the salary of the county judge in counties of 45,000-46,000 population.   Veto
HB 1438 Authorizing commissioners courts of Falls and Limestone Counties to prohibit use of certain devices used to call wild animals and to approve admission fees to state parks located in those counties.   Veto
HB 1448 Providing for transfer of $9,000,000 from the "Operator's and Chauffeur's License Fund" and $5,000,000 from the "Motor Vehicle Inspection Fund" to the General Revenue Fund.   Veto
SB 23 Authorizing commissioners courts to provide office space for members of the Legislature.   Veto
SB 58 General appropriation for the operation of State Government between Sept. 1, 1969 and August 31, 1970.   Veto
SB 184 Relating to standards of conduct of the dental profession.   Veto
SB 201 Authorizing certain units of government to secure motor vehicle liability insurance under the assigned risk plan.   Veto
SB 217 Relating to filling vacancies among trustees appointed under a valid trust agreement.   Veto
SB 218 Texas Legitimacy and Paternity Act.   Veto
SB 228 Amending Election Code, relating to information required on a voter registration application form, registration certificate, and the list of registered voters.   Veto
SB 266 Authorizing certain Water Control and Improvement Districts to annex territory annexed to a city.   Veto
SB 282 Relating to required provisions in accident and sickness insurance policies.   Veto
SB 298 Relating to sale, lease back, renting and purchase of land, facilities, etc. for county purposes in certain counties.   Veto
SB 329 Relating to adoption of rules and regulations by the State Board of Health for the use and labeling of safety glazing materials.   Veto
SB 341 Relating to a change in the licensing of a life insurance counselor; prohibiting advertising.   Veto
SB 386 Making a misdemeanor the cutting of a tree, or limb therefrom, on any electric transmission or telephone line, so as to disrupt the service.   Veto
SB 416 Vesting control and management of Stephen F. Austin State College in a Board of Regents.   Veto
SB 442 Relating to sale and lease back and renting, leasing or purchasing of land or facilities for hospital district purposes in certain counties.   Veto
SB 514 Providing for appeals in eminent domain proceedings initiated by water control and improvement districts.   Veto
SB 555 Declaring a public policy on maintenance of public beaches.   Veto
SB 557 Providing criminal penalties for display for communication on public beach stating public does not have right of access on public beach.   Veto
SB 558 Relating to permits for certain excavation activities in certain coastal areas.   Veto
SB 562 Providing for creation of beach park boards in counties bordering on Gulf of Mexico.   Veto
SB 563 Declaring moratorium on sale or leasing of surface estate in state-owned submerge lands, beaches, and islands under any existing laws, pending receipt of Interagency Natural Resources Council study of said land.   Veto
SB 581 Relating to workmen's compensation coverage for municipal employees.   Veto
SB 585 Creating new judicial districts.   Veto
SB 593 Providing for the Office of County Purchasing Agent in certain counties.   Veto
SB 599 Relating to licensing of insurance agents.   Veto
SB 607 Relating to licenses authorizing operation of business establishments on certain beaches.   Veto
SB 634 Authorizing certain home rule cities to establish parking facilities for off-street parking or storage.   Veto
SB 713 Authorizing Tarrant County of El Paso County Commissioners Court to contract with political subdivisions for performance of governmental services.   Veto
SB 716 Establishing the Long Island Utility District adjacent to Cameron County.   Veto
SB 727 Relating to issuance of certain bonds by certain cities.   Veto
SB 759 Establishing an advisory council for study and research of problems of children with learning disabilities.   Veto
SB 766 Providing for qualifications and term of office of County Court at Law No. 2, Galveston County.   Veto
SB 773 Providing for investment of proceeds from sale by any county of lands granted to it for educational purposes.   Veto
SB 785 Relating to composition of Juvenile Board of Harris County and to operation of programs by Harris County Child Welfare Board.   Veto
SB 804 Relating to official duties and compensation of Criminal District Attorney of Galveston County.   Veto
SB 805 Relating to salaries of certain officials in certain counties.   Veto
SB 811 Relating to certain motor vehicle liability insurance policies involving vehicles owned or held for sale or repair.   Veto
SB 813 Relating to certain home-rule cities, park boards of trustees and parks.   Veto
SB 824 Relating to Court of Domestic Relations for Galveston County and to Galveston County Juvenile Board.   Veto
SB 830 Relating to posting notices of meetings of governmental or governing bodies.   Veto
SB 843 Authorizing the governor to appoint a chairman of the Governor's Committee on Aging.   Veto
SB 847 Authorizing the governing boards of state-supported institutions of higher education, including public junior colleges, to charge a facilities use fee to full time students.   Veto
SB 850 Creating the Teague Hospital District of Freestone County.   Veto
SCR 35 Establishing Consumer Credit Study Committee.   Veto
SCR 36 Creating committee to study space requirements for legislature and legislative service agencies.   Veto
SCR 91 Establishing Delinquent Ad Valorem Tax Study Commission.   Veto
SCR 100 Tribute to Jose Francisco Ruiz.   Veto
SCR 110 Creating committee to study taxation of farm, ranch and forest lands.   Veto
SCR 111 Creating committee to study problems peculiar to coastal lands and waters of Texas.   Veto
SCR 114 Creating committee to study feasibility of establishing state department of photography.   Veto
SCR 116 Reinstating funds for Agricultural Conservation Program.   Veto
SCR 118 Granting Richard S. Stark permission to sue the State of Texas.   Veto
SCR 119 Correcting HB 47.   Veto
SCR 120 Memorializing Mrs. Winnifred Adams Richards.   Veto
SCR 122 Correcting SB 122.   Veto

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