63rd Regular Session (1973) – Governor Dolph Briscoe

Bill Caption Document
HB 11 Relating to audits of public school districts.   Veto
HB 111 Regulating and licensing private security agents.   Veto
HB 139 General Appropriations Act
Line Item Veto
HB 166 Relating to the selection of persons to provide medical aid under the workmen's compensation law.
No indication of Senate Override
House Override attempt failed - House Journal
HB 209 Establishing a method of payment for jury service.   Veto
HB 482 Authorizing contracts for family planning services.   Veto
HB 548 Authorizing exchange of state-owned lands in El Paso County.   Veto
HB 550 Relating to arrests for speeding on interstate highways.   Veto
HB 574 Establishing the Texas Ranch Commission in Washington, D.C.   Veto
HB 808 Establishing method for removal of county seats.   Veto
HB 1087 Relating to the assessment and collection of taxes by certain school districts.   Veto
HB 1165 Relating to tax exemptions for non-profit corporations providing home fo rhte elderly.   Veto
HB 1251 Allowing defendants to dismiss criminal actions.   Veto
HB 1281 Exempting elderly persons from payment of admission fees to state parks.   Veto
HB 1352 Relating to powers of the Private Employment Agency Board.   Veto
HB 1566 Abolishing the office of the County School Superintendent of Walker County.   Veto
HB 1641 Allowing independent school districts to issue 400,000 dollars of time warrants without voter approval.   Veto
SB 12 Creating the Harris County Youth Village Independent School District.   Veto
SB 14 Setting the fiscal year of the state and all of its subdivisions.   Veto
SB 82 Establishing a security building for the criminally insane at the San Antonio State Hospital.   Veto
SB 130 Relating to the appointment of railroad peace officers.   Veto
SB 209 Relating to the rate of interest on real estate loans secured by liens.   Veto
SB 295 Setting compensation of county attorneys or criminal district attorneys performing duties of a district attorney in certain counties.
Follow-up message from Governor.
SB 370 Requiring certain nonprescription drugs to be sold by prescription.   Veto
SB 373 Permitting the Department of Corrections to grant leaves for emergencies and medical care.   Veto
SB 520 The Harris County Road Law.   Veto
SB 529 Relating to fees of the office of district clerks.   Veto
SB 612 Establishing date of commencement of terms of regents of the University of Texas.   Veto
SB 817 Preventing the licensing of certain persons as dealers in liquefied petroleum gas.   Veto
SB 920 Relating to liabilities of limited partners.   Veto

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