65th Regular Session (1977) – Governor Dolph Briscoe

Bill Caption Document
HB 355 Relating to jurisdiction of the district courts to hear and determine election contests relative to boards of certain agencies.   Veto
HB 364 Relating to advances for travel expenses of state officers and employees.   Veto
HB 371 Relating to a tax exemption for household and kitchen furniture.   Veto
HB 930 Relating to release of a juror.   Veto
HB 997 Relating to the penalty for criminal nonsupport of children.   Veto
HB 1592 Relating to interpreters for deaf persons at an arraignment, hearing, examining trial, or trial.   Veto
HB 1776 Relating to regulation of the method of dispensing ice to the public on a self-service basis.   Veto
HB 1811 Relating to the assessment and collection of ad valorem taxes on property not validly assessed.   Veto
HB 1856 Relating to the executing process in suits to enforce the collection of delinquent taxes.   Veto
HB 1908 Relating to the conduct of joint elections.   Veto
SB 34 Relating to the effect of certain speeding violations on driver's license suspensions and insurance premiums.   Veto
SB 69 Relating to a procedure for resolving differences between state agencies when construction practices adversely affect fish and wildlife resources.   Veto
SB 83 Relating to including mental incompetents and felons as classes of persons not qualified to vote.   Veto
SB 142 Relating to the establishment of guidelines for personnel administration for employees of public institutions of higher education.   Veto
SB 440 Relating to the licensing and regulation of speech pathologists and audiologists.   Veto
SB 697 Relating to the regulation of certain coin-operated amusement machines and billiard tables by counties, cities, and other political subdivisions.   Veto
SB 747 Relating to commissioning certain housing security officers as peace officers under certain circumstances.   Veto
SB 866 Relating to the offenses of arson, criminal mischief, and false alarms.   Veto
SB 941 Relating to cost of service by publication in suits to collect delinquent property taxes.   Veto
SB 943 Relating to the establishment, jurisdiction, and operation of additional municipal courts in incorporated cities, towns and villages of this state.   Veto
SB 1059 Relating to venue in a prosecution for rape.   Veto
SB 1152 Relating to prima facie evidence when a person is killed or injured while committing a crime with a deadly weapon.   Veto
SB 1182 Relating to the use of criminal convictions by certain state licensing authorities to suspend, revoke, or deny occupational licenses.   Veto
SB 1226 Relating to the accessibility and confidentiality of information held by certain governmental bodies and agencies.   Veto
SB 1332 Relating to the payment of jurors of district courts.   Veto
SCR 118 Instructing the Senate enrolling clerk to amend the caption in SB747.   Veto

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