67th Regular Session (1981) – Governor William P. Clements

Bill Caption Document HRO
HB 273 Relating to validation of certain municipal annexations and other governmental acts and proceedings.   Veto Analysis
HB 656 Relating to the appropriation of money for the financing of state government.
Line item veto.
HB 675 Relating to protection of nutria and to taking of nutria pelts.   Veto Analysis
HB 692 Relating to taking and possession of catfish and to catch limits for striped bass.   Veto  
HB 738 Relating to creation of offenses relating to sale of tickets to athletic or entertainment events.   Veto Analysis
HB 761 Relating to promotions, transfers, participation in retirement or pension funds and civil service status of certain peace officers not assigned to police department.   Veto Analysis
HB 769 Relating to group health insurance or certain other forms of health care benefits for public school employees and retirees.   Veto Analysis
HB 805 Relating to emergency elections ordered by the governor.   Veto Analysis
HB 1054 Relating to transfer of authority to issue permit to manufacture industrial alcohol.   Veto Analysis
HB 1115 Relating to establishment and operation of a grievance procedure for police officers in certain cities.   Veto Analysis
HB 1143 Relating to a program to provide representation by counsel, standard for retained or appointed counsel, and transcription services for indigent criminal defendants.   Veto Analysis
HB 1550 Relating to registration of brands and marks.   Veto Analysis
HB 1555 Relating to notice requirements, violations, and requirement to keep minutes under open meetings law.   Veto Analysis
HB 1616 Relating to operating a motor vehicle, trailer, or semi-trailer with expired registration.   Veto Analysis
HB 1657 Relating to suspension of sentences in certain misdemeanor cases, authorizing court to impose conditions and authorizing a special expense.   Veto Analysis
HB 1705 Relating to term of restrictive covenants applicable to certain residential real estate subdivisions.   Veto Analysis
HB 1851 Relating to powers and renaming of Arroyo Colorado Navigation District of Cameron and Willacy Counties.   Veto Analysis
HB 1905 Relating to service creditable in and benefits payable from Employees Retirement System of Texas.   Veto Analysis
HB 2119 Relating to joint elections held by incorporated cities and towns and school districts.   Veto Analysis
HB 2123 Relating to practice and procedure of State Banking Board and to certain contributions to members of State Banking Board and State Depository Board.   Veto Analysis
HB 2158 Relating to creation of Count Court at Law of Brown County.   Veto Analysis
HB 2199 Relating to the Antiquities Committee and to regulation of activities that affect certain submerged archeological landmarks.   Veto Analysis
SB 12 Relating to payment of court appointed counsel in certain criminal proceedings and providing limitation periods for felony indictments.   Veto Analysis
SB 297 Relating to persons classified as peace officers.   Veto Analysis
SB 555 Relating to interest rates on judgements.   Veto Analysis
SB 800 Relating to apportionment of the state into senatorial districts.   Veto Analysis
SB 836 Relating to effect of probation on certain convictions.   Veto Analysis
SB 859 Relating to term of office expiration dates for boards of regents of The University of Texas System and The Texas A&M University System.   Veto Analysis

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