71st Regular Session (1989) – Governor William P. Clements

Bill Caption Document HRO
HB 100 Relating to the provision of certain veterinary services and to the sterilization of dogs and cats adopted from an animal pound, shelter, or humane organization.   Veto Analysis
HB 344 Relating to changing terminology in the Election Code from "absentee voting" to "extended voting."   Veto Analysis
HB 430 Relating to the payment of certain laborers, workers, and mechanics under public works contracts.   Veto Analysis
HB 721 Relating to the purchase or maintenance of insurance or another arrangement by a nonprofit corporation and by corporations for profit.   Veto Analysis
HB 843 Relating to the location and maintenance outside the state of books, records, and accounts of certain domestic insurance companies.   Veto Analysis
HB 869 Relating to polygraph examinations of police officers and fire fighters in certain cities.   Veto Analysis
HB 981 Relating to the application of the limited sales and use tax to certain items sold to or used by broadcasting stations and motion picture theaters or used in the production of motion pictures.   Veto Analysis
HB 1044 Relating to powers of local health jurisdictions concerning training programs for food service workers.   Veto Analysis
HB 1193 Relating to municipal authority to adopt administrative and penal regulations for the conduct of vicious dogs.   Veto Analysis
HB 1239 Relating to the issuance of permit to certain persons by the Texas Air Control Board, the Texas Water Commission, and the Texas Department of Health.   Veto Analysis
HB 1392 Relating to eligibility for financial assistance and service of families with dependent children.   Veto Analysis
HB 1462 Relating to the authority of the Parks and Wildlife Commission to regulate the sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages in an area of Galveston State Park assigned to a concessioner.   Veto Analysis
HB 1492 Relating to the county courts at law in Randall County.   Veto Analysis
HB 1673 Relating to the creation of the County Court at Law No. 1 of Jasper County.   Veto Analysis
HB 1701 Relating to the polygraph examination of a complaint of a violent offense, certain peace officers, and employees of the Texas Department of Corrections.   Veto Analysis
HB 1834 Relating to zoning around Lake Copper.   Veto Analysis
HB 1967 Relating to the regulation of medical physicists; providing penalties.   Veto Analysis
HB 2037 Relating to high school equivalency examinations.   Veto Analysis
HB 2091 Relating to the purchase and operation of buildings by the state.   Veto Analysis
HB 2280 Relating to the admissibility of evidence regarding family violence and prior acts of violence committed by the victim against the defendant.   Veto Analysis
HB 2340 Relating to the County Court at Law of Bastrop County and to the County Court of Bastrop County.   Veto Analysis
HB 2434 Relating to the creation of criminal penalties for certain offenses concerning human burials and to the jurisdiction over and disposition of certain human burials and associated human remains or burial objects.   Veto Analysis
HB 2816 Relating to a pilot program for effective education programs to improve students' academic performance.   Veto Analysis
HB 3109 Relating to the location of a new county jail facility and to sheriffs or deputy sheriffs appearing and pleading in certain courts.   Veto Analysis
HB 3148 Relating to the county court and the county courts at law in McLennan County.   Veto Analysis
HB 3153 Relating to the jurisdiction of the Starr County Court at Law.   Veto Analysis
HB 3155 Relating to the qualifications for election as a director of the Smith County Water Control and Improvement District No. 1.   Veto Analysis
HB 3183 Relating to the regulation of naturally occurring radioactive materials related to the production of or exploration for oil and gas; making an appropriation.   Veto Analysis
HB 3209 Relating to creation and operation of the Emerging Technologies Commercialization Corporation.   Veto Analysis
SB 144 Relating to the benefits and compensation of peace officers and specialized police divisions in certain municipalities.   Veto Analysis
SB 156 Relating to certain annuities based on service credited in the elected class of membership of the Employee Retirement System of Texas.   Veto Analysis
SB 222 Relating to general appropriations.
Line item veto.
  Veto Analysis
SB 269 Relating to the peace officer college loan program.   Veto Analysis
SB 371 Relating to certain job-training service providers and programs.   Veto Analysis
SB 427 Relating to solicitations made in the name of law enforcement personnel; providing penalties.   Veto Analysis
SB 441 Relating to the Advisory Committee on Probation Department Management to the Texas Adult Probation Commission.   Veto Analysis
SB 452 Relating to certain technical and other corrections and revisions to the Property Code.   Veto Analysis
SB 619 Relating to sick leave for public school employees.   Veto Analysis
SB 626 Relating to the adoption of minimal standards for elevators, escalators. and related equipment, the creation of the elevator certification board, and inspections of elevators, escalators, and related equipment.   Veto Analysis
SB 733 Relating to the entitlement of employees of the Texas Department of Corrections to retain certain vacation leave time and compensatory leave time accumulated by those employees.   Veto Analysis
SB 804 Relating to eligibility for beginning positions in fire or police departments.   Veto Analysis
SB 874 Relating to supreme court rulemaking in certain actions.   Veto Analysis
SB 876 Relating to the regulation of certain athlete agents; providing penalties.   Veto Analysis
SB 895 Relating to admissions to, programs at, and management of certain components of The University of Texas System, including The University of Texas at Dallas, The University of Texas of the Permian Basin, and The University of Texas Pan-Am, Brownsville.   Veto Analysis
SB 914 Relating to the composition of the board of director in certain appraisal districts.   Veto Analysis
SB 931 Relating to indemnification by the state in certain civil actions.   Veto Analysis
SB 993 Relating to the creation, administration, and powers, including the power of eminent domain subject to limitations, and to the duties, operations, and financing of Collin County Regional Water Authority.   Veto Analysis
SB 1030 Relating to the establishment of a council to explore possibilities foe compact agreements regarding trade and other matters with the bordering state of Mexico.   Veto Analysis
SB 1232 Relating to matching grants of liked deposit loans under the agricultural diversification program.   Veto Analysis
SB 1272 Relating to alcoholic beverage regulation; making an appropriation.   Veto Analysis
SB 1285 Relating to the availability of a deferred adjudication for a defendant adjudges guilty of offenses involving family violence.   Veto Analysis
SB 1483 Relating to assignment pay for certain persons covered under municipal civil service.   Veto Analysis
SB 1533 Relating to the commitment procedures and services for mentally ill and chemically dependent persons; providing penalties.   Veto Analysis
SB 1575 Relating to jurisdiction in the Cameron County Court at Law.   Veto Analysis
HCR 119 Requesting the governor to direct the Board of Pardons and Paroles to investigate certain cases involving victimization by domestic violence.   Veto Analysis
SCR 25 Directing the Legislative Budget Board staff to monitor use of federal Job Training Partnership Act Funds.   Veto Analysis

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