73rd Regular Session (1993) – Governor Ann W. Richards

Bill Caption Document HRO
HB 158 Relating to the adoption of certain emergency rules under the Administrative procedure and Texas Register Act.   Veto Analysis
HB 187 Relating to violation of speed limits required by federal law.   Veto Analysis
HB 360 Relating to persons who may bring an original suit affecting the parent-child relationship.   Veto Analysis
HB 372 Relating to peace officers of hospitals in certain municipalities.   Veto Analysis
HB 674 Relating to the authority of a court to refer a case to alternative dispute resolution.   Veto Analysis
HB 1019 Relating to the age at which persons are required or permitted to attend public school.   Veto Analysis
HB 1185 Relating to purchasing by local governments.   Veto Analysis
HB 1776 Relating to a referendum on rules for the issuance of a license to carry a handgun.   Veto Analysis
HB 1862 Relating to the renewal of certain business, occupational, and professional licenses.   Veto Analysis
HB 1873 Relating to state employee contributions to the federal old age and survivors insurance program.   Veto Analysis
HB 2333 Relating to evaluating the performance of public schools.   Veto Analysis
HB 2511 Relating to administrative hearings and appeals.   Veto Analysis
HB 2512 Relating to continued operation under a license after judicial review of a contested case.   Veto Analysis
HB 2612 Relating to membership of the Coastal Coordination Council.   Veto Analysis
HB 2825 Relating to the appointment of bailiffs of the district courts and county courts at law in Fort Bend County.   Veto Analysis
SB 5 General Appropriations Bill.
Line Item Veto
SB 123 Relating to the enforcement of certain agreements between the parties to a marriage.   Veto Analysis
SB 149 Relating to commissioning as peace officers to protect persons and property at housing authorities.   Veto Analysis
SB 421 Relating to the requirement of notice of requests by gas utilities for rate increases and to the statutory procedures for approval and refund of temporary rates in gas utility rate cases.   Veto Analysis
SB 555 Relating to provision of certain mental health and substance abuse services through single service health maintenance organizations.   Veto Analysis
SB 599 Relating to the exoneration and forfeiture of bail.   Veto Analysis
SB 952 Relating to the transfer of extraterritorial jurisdiction between certain municipalities.   Veto Analysis
SB 959 Relating to state energy efficiency and conservation programs; granting the authority to issue revenue bonds.   Veto Analysis
SB 965 Relating to the authority of the Upper Guadalupe River Authority to appropriate state water for recharging certain underground fresh water bearing sands and aquifers.   Veto Analysis
SB 1029 Relating to the review and approval of certain permits by the state, a municipality, and other local governmental entities.   Veto Analysis
HCR 119 Declaring the Texas State Museum of History in Arlington to be the official state history museum of Texas.   Veto Analysis
HCR 135 Granting Green International permission to sue the State of Texas and the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.   Veto Analysis

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