76th Regular Session (1999) – Governor George W. Bush

See also the House Research Organization's Vetoes of Legislation, 76th Regular Session Legislature
Analyses include a digest of each vetoed bill, the governor's stated reason for the veto, and a response by the author of the vetoed bill.

Bill Caption Document
HB 1 General appropriations bill
Line Item Veto
HB 59 Relating to making a voter information guide for judicial elections available to the public on the Internet.   Veto
HB 64 Relating to a Texas community investment program to assist certain businesses in distressed areas of the state.   Veto
HB 247 Relating to the use of neighborhood associations in the enforcement of certain municipal health and safety ordinances.   Veto
HB 617 Relating to waiver applications by a public school campus or district.   Veto
HB 1418 Relating to optional career and technology education programs offered by public school districts and a study of career and technology education programs.   Veto
HB 1733 Relating to a continuing advisory panel to provide policy guidance concerning special education and related services.   Veto
HB 1847 Relating to the presumed validity of a district act or proceeding.   Veto
HB 1851 Relating to guardianships and other related matters concerning incapacitated persons.   Veto
HB 2045 Relating to financing capital improvements and facility expansions through the assessment of impact fees.   Veto
HB 2107 Relating to assistance to certain volunteer fire departments and to the imposition of a tax to finance that assistance.   Veto
HB 2155 Relating to the creation and operation of the Texas State Board of Mechanical Industries and the regulation of plumbing and mechanical laws and programs by that board; providing penalties.   Veto
HB 2175 Relating to the regulation of the practice of chiropractic.   Veto
HB 2186 Relating to summary judgments issued by a court.   Veto
HB 2300 Relating to the publication by the Texas Board of Professional Engineers of a roster of engineers.   Veto
HB 2388 Relating to the sale or lease by a county of real property in connection with certain economic development programs.   Veto
HB 2536 Relating to the salary of the county judge of Dallas County.   Veto
HB 2557 Relating to the application of the open meetings law and the open records law to certain entities eligible to receive funds under the federal community services block grant program.   Veto
HB 2725 Relating to the collection of costs in criminal cases.   Veto
HB 2794 Relating to the automation of the compulsory motor vehicle inspection system.   Veto
HB 2891 Relating to the creation of the Aldine Community Improvement District; authorizing the issuance of bonds and the imposition of taxes.   Veto
HB 2977 Relating to the authority of the Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission to certify that the discharge of a pollutant will not cause a violation of certain water quality standards under the Federal Water Pollution Control Act and to certain authority of the railroad commission   Veto
HB 3120 Relating to the prosecuting attorneys and assistants in certain counties.   Veto
HB 3635 Relating to the Probate Court No. 1 of Travis County.   Veto
HB 3685 Relating to the appeal of a driver's license or vehicle registration suspension, cancellation, or revocation."   Veto
SB 247 Relating to defense and pretrial information gathering standards for indigent people who are accused of crime.   Veto
SB 321 Relating to collection of attorney's fees in certain contract actions.   Veto
SB 621 Relating to conditions of employment for peace officers employed by certain transportation authorities.   Veto
SB 956 Relating to the regulation of certain insurance agents and to the consolidation of insurance agent licenses; providing penalties.   Veto
SB 1434 Relating to the retention or refund of certain money collected or received by a state agency.   Veto
SB 1525 Relating to the practice of dietetics.   Veto
SB 1703 Relating to loan assistance for low-income individuals and families.   Veto
HCR 310 Instructing the enrolling clerk of the house to make technical corrections H.B. 2045.   Veto
SCR 56 Encouraging the Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission to eliminate duplication between its Section 401 water quality certification program and the review conducted by the United States Army Corps of Engineers.   Veto

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