87th Regular Session (2021) – Governor Greg Abbott

Bill Caption Document HRO
HB 686 Relating to the release on parole of certain inmates convicted of an offense committed when younger than 18 years of age; changing parole eligibility.   Veto Analysis
HB 787 Relating to conditions of community supervision prohibiting contact with certain persons.   Veto Analysis
HB 1193 Relating to the jurisdiction of a juvenile court over certain persons and to the sealing and nondisclosure of certain juvenile records.   Veto Analysis
HB 1240 Relating to the offense of failure to comply with an order from a fire marshal and the authority of certain county employees to issue citations for certain violations; changing a criminal penalty.   Veto Analysis
HB 1477 Relating to performance and payment bonds for public work contracts on public property leased to a nongovernmental entity.   Veto Analysis
HB 1544 Relating to the eligibility of land to continue to be appraised for ad valorem tax purposes as qualified open-space land if the land is temporarily used for sand mining operations; authorizing a fee.   Veto Analysis
HB 2448 Relating to the verification of the incarceration of an accused person in a criminal case for the purpose of discharging a surety's liability on a bail bond.   Veto Analysis
HB 2667 Relating to universal service fund assistance to high cost rural areas and the uniform charge that funds the universal service fund.   Veto Analysis
HB 2803 Relating to a commercial landlord's or tenant's remedies regarding certain unlawful activities in a multiunit commercial property.   Veto Analysis
HB 3135 Relating to the powers and duties, authority to issue bonds, and authority to impose a tax of the SH130 Municipal Management District No. 1.   Veto Analysis
HB 3207 Relating to preventing the loss of benefits by certain retirees of the Teacher Retirement System of Texas who resume service during a declared disaster.   Veto Analysis
HB 4218 Relating to a cause of action for the bad faith washout of an overriding royalty interest in an oil and gas lease.   Veto Analysis
SB 1 General Appropriations Bill.
Line item veto.
SB 36 Relating to creation of a higher education task force focused on mental health services and the offense of hazing.   Veto Analysis
SB 237 Relating to the issuance of a citation for a criminal trespass offense punishable as a Class B misdemeanor.   Veto Analysis
SB 281 Relating to the use of hypnotically induced testimony in a criminal trial.   Veto Analysis
SB 474 Relating to the unlawful restraint of a dog; creating a criminal offense.   Veto Analysis
SB 813 Relating to the insurance premium tax credit for the certified rehabilitation of certified historic structures.   Veto Analysis
SB 1109 Relating to requiring public schools to provide instruction and materials and adopt policies relating to the prevention of child abuse, family violence, and dating violence.   Veto Analysis
SB 1458 Relating to standardized forms and materials for the issuance of protective orders, magistrate's orders for emergency protection, and temporary ex parte orders.   Veto Analysis
SB 1772 Relating to the establishment of the Texas Pollinator-Smart program for solar energy sites.   Veto Analysis

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