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William Perry McComb

W.P. McComb
Full Name: William Perry McComb
Birth date: July 26, 1852
Death date: September 18, 1896

Terms of Service

  • Senate, 24th (2) (4) Legislature
    1/8/1895 - 9/18/1896
  • Senate, 23rd (5) Legislature
    1/10/1893 - 1/8/1895
  • House, 21st (1) (3) Legislature
    1/8/1889 - 1/13/1891
(1) Democrat. Biennial Report of the Secretary of State of the State of Texas: List of Senators and Representatives .
(2) "The First District: it will be the battleground for the warmest Congressional fight; in the entire state; Perry McComb and Tom Hall . . . " (includes "Brief Biography" of William Perry McComb - birth date 7/26/1852), 4/5/1896, p. 4. Ran for Congress. Galveston Daily News .
(3) E.P. McComb, Willis. Roster of Representatives of the 21st Legislature, "Twenty-First Legislature: Members of the House, Address, Occupation and Politics," Galveston Daily News, 1/5/1889, p. 2, crediting Abilene Library Consortium. Portal to Texas History (University of North Texas Libraries) .
(4) 24th Legislature - Roll of Senators-elect, oath of office administered, 1/8/1895, p. 1. Senate Journal .
(5) 23rd Legislature - All 31 Senators are listed in Roll Call on First Day, 1/10/1893, p. 1; resolution by Sen. Cranford that the Senators shall now be divided by lot into two classes, 1/11/1893, p. 5; drew term of 2 years. Senate Journal . January 10, 1893
January 11, 1893

Biographical Notes and Resources

Resolutions and Journal entries

  • 24th Legislature - Address of Senator W.P. McComb, 4/30/1895, p. 678 and Appendix pp. 73-74. Address includes discussion of debates in the 24th Senate and presentation of silver service to Lieutenant Governor George Jester. Senate Journal .


Other Resources

  • Listed in "Men who have represented Grimes County in the House of Representatives/State Senate, 1846-1931," pp. 205-209. Includes Date, Legislatures, District, and Source of Data. Early History of Grimes County 1930.
  • Obituary and drawing, "Senator W.P. McComb: dies at his home in Conroe. Remains taken to Montgomery for interment," 9/19/1896, p. 5. Died at his home "this morning" (dateline Sept. 18); birth date 7/26/1852. Galveston Daily News .
  • Biographical sketch and drawing, "Candidates for Congress: William Perry M'Comb," 4/6/1896, p. 4. Birth date 7/26/1852. Galveston Daily News .
  • NEAL, GEORGE D. (1853-1916). In 1896, was elected to the Texas Senate to fill the unexpired term of W.P. McComb. Handbook of Texas Online .
  • William Perry McComb, Democrat, lawyer, age 34 in 1889, born in Missouri. Legislative Reference Library Card File .
  • Biographical sketch, William Perry McComb, pp. 302-303. Personnel of the Texas State Government with Sketches of Distinguished Texans, 21st Legislature 1889.
  • Biographical sketch, pp. 275-276. " . . . Elected to State Senate in 1896 to serve the unexpired term of Senator W.P. McComb, deceased, at the expiration of which he was re-elected for a full term of four years." Year Book for Texas, 1901 1902.
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