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William Butler Page

W.B. Page
Full Name: William Butler Page
Other surnames: Paige
Birth date: May 7, 1848
Death date: March 30, 1924

Terms of Service

  • Senate, 22nd (1) (2) (6) Legislature
    1/13/1891 - 1/10/1893
  • House, 20th (4) (5) Legislature
    1/11/1887 - 1/8/1889
  • House, 19th (3) Legislature
    1/13/1885 - 1/11/1887
(1) 2-year term; entire Senate went up for reelection in 1892 due to redistricting. Act approved Apr. 19, 1892, 22nd Legislature, 1st C.S., ch. 20. Apportionment Laws of Texas, 1836-1950 1950.
(2) Democrat. Biennial Report of the Secretary of State of the State of Texas: List of Senators and Representatives .
(3) "He is a Democrat who has done much for the party, and has ever labored for its success," p. 46. Personnel of the Texas State Government for 1885, 19th Legislature 1885.
(4) "His Democracy is not questioned, as he has done much to advance the principles in which he is thoroughly imbued," p. 163. Personnel of the Texas State Government with Sketches of Distinguished Texans, 20th Legislature 1887.
(5) Roster of senators and representatives of the 20th Legislature with their postoffice address, Austin Weekly Statesman, "Governmental," 12/30/1886, p. 6. Portal to Texas History (University of North Texas Libraries) .
(6) 22nd Legislature - 1/13/1891, p. 1, listed as new member in roll call: "The credentials of the new members were presented, and the following senators had the oath of office administered them by the president pro tem of the senate." Senate Journal .

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