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William Smartt Pendleton

W.S. Pendleton
Full Name: William Smartt Pendleton
Birth date: February 6, 1848
Death date: March 21, 1933

Terms of Service

  • House, 19th Legislature
    1/13/1885 - 1/11/1887

Biographical Notes and Resources


Other Resources

  • Census of 1850 - William Pendleton, Warren County, Tennessee, age 2, born circa 1848, in household of Edmund and Sarah Pendleton.
    Census of 1860 - W.S. Pendleton, Ellis County, Texas, age 12, born circa 1848 in Tennessee, in household of E. and S. Pendleton.
    Census of 1870 - William S. Pendleton, Coffee County, Tennessee, age 22 (born circa 1848), teaching in college, in household of Sarah Pendleton.
    Census of 1880 - W.S. Pendleton, Tarrant County, Texas, age 31, born circa 1849 in Tennessee, county attorney.
    William S. Pendleton married Addie G. Cullen 7/5/1890 in Orleans Parish, Louisiana. Groom's parents Edmund Pendleton and Sarah Smartt.
    W.S. Pendleton married Rosa Addie Prather 10/20/1907 in Pottawatomie County, Oklahoma. Groom's parents Edmund Pendleton and Sarah Smartt. FamilySearch . 1850 1870
  • 1880 1860 1907 Marriage 1890 Marriage
  • Obituary, "W.S. Pendleton, Ex-Mayor, Dies," 3/22/1933, p. 5. "The eldest of six children, all of whom have been important in the history making of Texas." Relatives: George C. Pendleton, brother; W.S. Pendleton, brother. Fort Worth Star-Telegram .
  • Obituary, "Judge Pendleton Claimed By Death," Shawnee Times Record, 3/24/1933, p. 1. Former mayor of Fort Worth, county judge of Pottawatomie County, OK.
    Obituary, "Pioneer Shawnee Lawyer is Dead," The Daily Oklahoman, 3/23/1933, p. 5. "He was once Tarrant county (Texas) attorney and later mayor of Fort Worth." Newspapers.com .
  • Biographical sketch, W.S. Pendleton, p. 46. Born in Warren County, Tennessee circa 1851 (age 34), lawyer in Ft. Worth, Tarrant County. Personnel of the Texas State Government for 1885, 19th Legislature 1885.
  • "Ex-Mayor of Ft. Worth Tells His Side of the Story," Galveston Daily News 7/19/1890, pp. 1-2, crediting Abilene Library Consortium. Resigned as mayor of Fort Worth 7/14/1890. Portal to Texas History (University of North Texas Libraries) .
  • "Campaign Opened," Fort Worth Daily Gazette, 3/26/1890, p. 8. W.S. Pendleton campaign for Mayor of Ft. Worth, "When in the legislature, he had . . ." Portal to Texas History (University of North Texas Libraries) .
  • "Third child of Sarah Smartt Pendleton. William Smartt Pendleton. Born February 6, 1848. Died March 1934. Married Elizabeth Isabelle Shelton. Marriage date 1875." Page 128. The Smartt and Descendant Families 1943. Archive.Org
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