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Statutory authority pertaining to special sessions

Texas Constitution

Article 3 Section 24
Compensation and expenses of members of the legislature; duration of sessions
Article 3 Section 28
Time for apportionment; apportionment by Legislative Redistricting Board
Article 3 Section 40
Special sessions; subjects of legislation; duration
Article 3 Section 49
State debts
Article 3 Section 49a
Financial statement and estimate by Comptroller of Public Accounts; limitations of appropriations
Article 3 Section 49g
Economic Stabilization Fund
Article 4 Section 8
Convening Legislature on extraordinary occasions
Article 4 Section 12
Vacancies in state or district offices
Article 15 Section 9
Removal by Governor with advice and consent of Senate
Article 17 Section 1
Proposed amendments; publication; submission to voters; adoption

Texas Statutes

Education Code
43.015    Duties of Comptroller
Government Code
302.013    Filing of statement of contributions, loans, and expenditures
302.015    Requisites of filing
317.003    Time and scope of proposal
317.007    Expiration of proposal or contingent order
320.003    List of unfunded mandates
403.0131  Appropriation certification summary
614.003    Entitlement to legislative leave
665.003    Impeachment when House is in session
665.022    Procedure when Senate is in session
Local Government Code
143.126    Legislative leave