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31 special legislative session topics [ session: 17th, 1 C.S. ]
Topics are based on the text of the Governor's official proclamations and messages.

 17th 1st C.S.  Proclamations   Supplementary materials

  • Apportionment of the State into congressional districts. [Thu Apr 6, 1882]
  • Apportionment of the State into senatorial and representative districts. [Thu Apr 6, 1882]
  • Make provision for supplying the place of the capitol that has been burned, in every respect that may be necessary, until the new capitol shall have been finished. [Thu Apr 6, 1882]
  • Make provision for everything that may be deemed necessary to facilitate the erection of the new State capitol. [Thu Apr 6, 1882]
  • Action by appropriations or otherwise, for supplying water and for making other necessary improvement to the Lunatic Asylum, and to other public buildings at the seat of government. [Thu Apr 6, 1882]
  • Action in everything relating to the government, relation between, and the increase and disposition of funds of the University of Texas and its branches; and to take action in any and every respect for the support and maintenance of the Prairie View Normal School, and for the discharge of its debts and liabilities. [Thu Apr 6, 1882]
  • Make further improvements and regulation for the State penitentiaries in anticipation of the expiration of the present lease. [Thu Apr 6, 1882]
  • Make provision for the disposition, by sale, lease or otherwise, of lands belonging to the public free schools, to the University, to the asylums, and of the lands reserved to pay the public debt. [Thu Apr 6, 1882]
  • Pass necessary laws to require the railroads in the State to be kept in good condition; to regulate freights and passenger tariffs, and to provide practical remedies for the enforcement of such laws, not only on the companies, but on the officers who manage and control said railroads. [Thu Apr 6, 1882]
  • Reduce the taxes, both ad valorem and occupation, so far as it may be found consistent with the support of an efficient State government. [Thu Apr 6, 1882]
  • To consider and set upon such other subjects as may be presented during said session by the Governor. [Thu Apr 6, 1882]
  • Appropriation to cover the deficiencies in the appropriations for the year ending on the twenty-eighth of February, 1882. [Fri Apr 7, 1882]
  • Appropriation to meet any deficiency in any matter brought before you, or to change by reappropriation any appropriation that has not been exhausted during the year for which it was made. [Fri Apr 7, 1882]
  • Recommending immediate action regarding an accompanying recommendation in regards to the location and survey of the unorganized county school lands. [Fri Apr 7, 1882]
  • Submitting for action the annexed recommendation of the Board on Statistics. [Tue Apr 11, 1882]
  • Submitting for action propositions to sell certain houses for the use of the State, for halls and offices, and also propositions to refit the old capitol in a plain style for the use of the State. [Tue Apr 11, 1882]
  • Submitting for action the annexed recommendation of Hon. F. R. Lubbock, State Treasurer, in regard to the State bonds that have not been disposed of. [Wed Apr 12, 1882]
  • Recommending that the unorganized county of Crockett be attached to some organized county for judicial purposes. [Mon Apr 17, 1882]
  • Recommending an act be passed authorizing district judges, or some other authority in the State, to appoint a time and place of holding district court in any organized counties, as there may be no law fixing a time and place of holding district court in said newly organized county or counties. [Mon Apr 17, 1882]
  • Any and everything that may be deemed proper to be done for the Texas veterans, and for the widows of Texas veterans, for the survivors of the Dawson massacre, and for their widows; for those who have formerly received pensions, and for their widows, and for crippled Confederate soldiers. [Mon Apr 17, 1882]
  • Withdrawing a recommendation that pensions be granted to Texas veterans who need aid for their support, due to section 52 of article 3 of the Constitution of 1876. [Fri Apr 21, 1882]
  • Renewing recommendation that pensions be granted to Texas veterans in need of support. [Tue Apr 25, 1882]
  • Recommending that an appropriation be made to the widow of State Fish Commissioner J. H. Dinkins from the first of April to the eighteenth of December, 1881, and to R. R. Robertson for the balance of that year; also that an appropriation be made for Robertson's salary for the year ending 28 Feb 1883. [Tue Apr 25, 1882]
  • Submitting for consideration a memorial of "The Colored Men's Convention" held in Waco. [Fri Apr 28, 1882]
  • Submitting for consideration a memorial of the sufferers of a destructive fire in Plano. [Fri Apr 28, 1882]
  • Purchase of portraits of Presidents and Governors of Texas from Mr. Huddle, a young Texas artist. [Sat Apr 29, 1882]
  • Passage of a law to fix the time for holding general election of State, district and county officers different from that of the election of Representatives in Congress and of electors for President. [Sat Apr 29, 1882]
  • An appropriation for summer normal institutes to train Texas teachers. [Sat Apr 29, 1882]
  • Recommending liberal compensation for the Veteran Board who had served without compensation. [Tue May 2, 1882]
  • Refunding occupation taxes to persons who have paid them as dealers in liquor, wine, and beer in counties that may adopt local option during the time for which said tax may have been paid. [Tue May 2, 1882]
  • Submitting objections to HB 20, 17th 1st C.S. [Wed May 3, 1882]

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