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27 special legislative session topics [ session: 31st, 3 C.S. ]
Topics are based on the text of the Governor's official proclamations and messages.

 31st 3rd C.S.  Proclamations   Supplementary materials

  • Enact a law repealing the law enacted by the Thirty-first Legislature at its First Called Session, known as Chapter 18 and entitled "An Act providing conditions upon which fire insurance companies shall transact business in this State, and providing for the regulation and control of rates of premium on fire insurance, and to prevent discrimination therein, and to create a Fire Insurance Rating Board, and to provide penalties for violations of this act, and declaring an emergency. [Wed Jun 15, 1910]
  • Enact adequate laws preventing discrimination by the fire insurance companies and to prevent combinations between such companies to destroy competition in fire insurance rates in Texas and to provide penalties therefore, and to provide means for the enforcement of such laws. [Wed Jun 15, 1910]
  • Passage of a bill repealing the Fire Rating Law. [Tue Jul 19, 1910]
  • Enactment of an adequate law to prevent combinations by the insurance companies to destroy competition in fire insurance rates in Texas; providing appropriate penalties therefore and providing means for the enforcement of same. [Tue Jul 19, 1910]
  • Enactment of a law regulating and controlling fire insurance companies doing business in this State, and the regulation and control of fire insurance premium rates… [Tue Jul 19, 1910]
  • Enactment of a law prescribing the conditions under which fire insurance companies chartered under the laws of other states may secure permits to do business in Texas and providing that such companies shall show by appropriate proof and in manner and form to be prescribed by the law… [Tue Jul 19, 1910]
  • Enactment of suitable and effective laws to prohibit the exhibition of prize fights or glove contests by means of moving picture films or other devices… [Tue Jul 19, 1910]
  • Enactment of a law making appropriations to construct, enlarge and equip additional buildings for the care and treatment of the colored at the State Asylum at Austin… [Tue Jul 19, 1910]
  • Legislation providing for the election, qualification, bond and duties of the Comptroller of Public Accounts of the State of Texas and of his employees, and providing for a complete, effective and more economical system of accounting, bookkeeping and auditing for that department of the State government. [Wed Jul 27, 1910]
  • Legislation prescribing the duties of county tax assessors, tax collectors and county clerks, Comptroller and State Treasurer, with reference to the assessment and collection of taxes and providing a more systematic, effective and economical system of bookkeeping and accounting, and the enactment of such other rules and methods with respect thereto as may be proper. [Wed Jul 27, 1910]
  • The enactment of adequate laws defining "bills of lading" and defining the word "carrier"…. [Wed Jul 27, 1910]
  • Appropriate legislation providing for the retirement of $1,055,700 bonds of the State of Texas… [Thu Jul 28, 1910]
  • Thirteen thousand two hundred dollars of the series of bonds maturing July 1, 1909, are now owned and held by individuals or corporations, and an appropriation for the payment of these bonds so held by individuals, together with the interest thereon from July 1, 1909, is respectfully recommended. [Thu Jul 28, 1910]
  • The joint resolution proposing an amendment to the Constitution of the United States, which said amendment was proposed by both Houses of the Sixty-first Congress of the United States of America at its First Session by the constitutional majority of the two-thirds thereof, and is known as the Sixteenth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America. [Tue Aug 2, 1910]
  • Legislation transferring to a fund to be known as the "pure feed fund of A. and M. College" all moneys collected as fees and charges from pure feed inspection. [Tue Aug 2, 1910]
  • Legislation amending Chapter 16 of the Acts of the Regular Session of the Thirty-first Legislature of the State of Texas, approved February 20, 1909, entitled "An Act authorizing any county in the State of Texas having a population in excess of fifty thousand inhabitants by the last preceding United States census to submit to the qualified voters the propriety of a bond issue for the construction and maintenance of causeways, viaducts, bridges and approaches across any rivers within the limits of such county…. [Wed Aug 3, 1910]
  • Legislation amending Section 120 of the Election Law, relating to the nomination of candidates by political parties… [Wed Aug 3, 1910]
  • Legislation to amend and strengthen the statutes regulating the granting of liquor licenses and the revocation and cancellation thereof… [Wed Aug 3, 1910]
  • Legislation requiring the erection and maintenance of buildings for the protection from rain, wind and inclement weather of employees engaged in repairing railroad cars and other railroad equipment… [Sat Aug 6, 1910]
  • Legislation requiring persons, firms, corporations and associations of persons engaged in compressing cotton in this State to so bind and tie all bales of cotton so that no bale of cotton by them compressed, recompressed, baled or rebaled, shall be delivered to any railroad company or other common carrier unless the same is free from "spiders" … [Sat Aug 6, 1910]
  • Legislation making an appropriation for the repair, improvement and construction of a sewerage system and for general repairs for the North Texas Hospital for the Insane… [Sat Aug 6, 1910]
  • Legislation amending the election laws of the State of Texas as may be deemed necessary by the Legislature and as may be necessary to conform to the amendment of Section 120 heretofore submitted by message to your honorable bodies. [Sat Aug 6, 1910]
  • Legislation reorganizing the Seventieth Judicial District of Texas, and to fix the time of holding court in each of the counties of the said Seventieth Judicial District, and declaring an emergency. [Sat Aug 6, 1910]
  • Legislation providing for the incorporation of the city of San Antonio, Bexar county, Texas, and to grant it a new charter… [Thu Aug 11, 1910]
  • The enactment of a law to repeal Chapter 72 of the Special Laws of the Thirty-first Legislature, creating a special road law for Lamar County, approved March 17, 1909. [Thu Aug 11, 1910]
  • Laws amending the city charter of the city of Denison, Texas. [Sat Aug 13, 1910]
  • Legislation amending the Van Zandt county road law. [Sat Aug 13, 1910]

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