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24 special legislative session topics [ session: 35th, 2 C.S. ]
Topics are based on the text of the Governor's official proclamations and messages.

 35th 2nd C.S.  Proclamations   Supplementary materials

  • Considering and making additional appropriation for the support and maintenance of the State University for the two fiscal years beginning September 1, 1917, and ending August 31, 1919. [Mon Jul 30, 1917]
  • Regulating the purchase of junk by persons engaged as junk dealers. [Fri Aug 10, 1917]
  • Amending Section 10h, Chapter 78, of the General Laws of the State of Texas passed by the Regular Session of the Thirty-third Legislature, approved March 31, 1913, and entitled "An Act to amend Section 9, Chapter 30, of the General Laws of the State of Texas passed by the Regular Session of the Thirty-first Legislature (1909), relating to the Texas State Board of Health, etc." [Fri Aug 10, 1917]
  • Making appropriation for the relief of our citizenship in West Texas, relating to drought. [Thu Aug 16, 1917]
  • Creating the Alanreed Independent School District in Gray County. [Sat Aug 18, 1917]
  • Creating the Center Oak Independent School District of Bell County. [Sat Aug 18, 1917]
  • Regulating the businesses of emigrant agents; defining emigrant agents; providing for licensing any person, firm or private employment agency desiring to be licensed as an emigrant agent, etc. [Sat Aug 18, 1917]
  • Amending Articles 1867 and 1868 of the Revised Statutes by adding Article 1868a, providing that a defendant in the service of the United States as a soldier shall not be required to answer to the merits of a demand sued upon during the time he is actively engaged in the war between the United States and Germany, etc. [Tue Aug 21, 1917]
  • Preventing the ravages of the pink boll worm along our Mexican border. [Tue Aug 21, 1917]
  • Relating to the payment of interest on public lands. [Tue Aug 21, 1917]
  • An act to amend the special road law of Cass County, Texas. [Tue Aug 21, 1917]
  • Amending Chapter 37, Acts of the Thirty-fifth Legislature, First Called Session, being an Act creating the Smyrna Common School District No. 43, of Milam County. [Wed Aug 22, 1917]
  • Amending Chapter 105 of the Acts of the Regular Session of the Twenty-ninth Legislature, being an Act to prevent the diversion of electric current, water or gas, etc. [Wed Aug 22, 1917]
  • Creating the Bridgeport Independent School District in Wise County. [Wed Aug 22, 1917]
  • Creating the Johnstown Independent School District of Red River County. [Wed Aug 22, 1917]
  • Amending Articles 2858, 2859 and 2860 of the Revised Civil Statutes of Texas, so as to provide for the manner of holding an election for the levying, the continuance or the discontinuance of local school taxes in independent districts incorporated for school purposes only. [Wed Aug 22, 1917]
  • Amending Chapter 60 of the General Laws of the State of Texas, passed at the Regular Session of the Thirty-fifth Legislature, being an act supplementing the act creating the Live Stock Sanitary Commission for the State of Texas, and which is known as the Eradication of Cattle Ticks Law, so that hereafter Val Verde County shall be placed in Zone No. 2 instead of in Zone No. 1. [Thu Aug 23, 1917]
  • Amending Article 7355, Chapter 1, Title 126 of the Revised Civil Statutes of Texas, of 1911, so as to exempt hobby horses, theatres, circuses, etc. from paying an occupation tax... [Thu Aug 23, 1917]
  • Amending Chapter 27 of the General Laws passed by the First Called Session of the Thirty-fifth Legislature...relating to official shorthand reporters' compensation in certain counties. [Thu Aug 23, 1917]
  • Remedying closure of the fish-cultural station at San Marcos, Texas, because of the failure of the State to meet the conditions imposed by Congress. [Thu Aug 23, 1917]
  • Amending Section 30 of the Harris County Road Law, passed by the Thirty-third Legislature, being an act to provide a more efficient road law for Harris County, etc. [Thu Aug 23, 1917]
  • Remitting the State ad valorem taxes to Stonewall and Kent counties for the year 1917. [Fri Aug 24, 1917]
  • Incorporating and creating the Renner Independent School District of Dallas and Collin counties. [Fri Aug 24, 1917]
  • Authorizing the commissioners court of San Patricio County, Texas, to abolish the office of county superintendent of schools, and to confer the duties thereof on the county judge as ex officio county superintendent. [Mon Aug 27, 1917]

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