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30 special legislative session topics [ session: 36th, 4 C.S. ]
Topics are based on the text of the Governor's official proclamations and messages.

 36th 4th C.S.  Proclamations   Supplementary materials

  • Giving consideration to the subject of safeguarding the General Election of November, 1920; to prescribe qualifications for voters; and to prevent discrimination among voters in the exercise of the franchise at said election. [Tue Sep 14, 1920]
  • Making an appropriation to cover authorized deficiencies. [Wed Sep 22, 1920]
  • Making such emergency and miscellaneous appropriations as may be necessary for the support and maintenance of the State government and its institutions. [Wed Sep 22, 1920]
  • Protecting the movement of interstate and intrastate commerce passing through the ports of Texas, and the enactment of such legislation as may be required for port operation and regulation. [Wed Sep 22, 1920]
  • Preventing the control of cottonseed mills of the State by the packing industry and preventing the ownership and control of the gins of this State by the oil mills and the packing industries. [Thu Sep 23, 1920]
  • Amending the road laws for Dallas and Tarrant counties... [Mon Sep 27, 1920]
  • Creating the Hogland Independent School District, in Ochiltree county, Texas... [Mon Sep 27, 1920]
  • Relating to the protection of wild fowl of the counties of Dimmit, Uvalde, Medina, Zavala, Gillespie, Blanco, Llano, Kendall, Kimble, Kerr, Real, Mason, Edward, Menard, Sutton, Crockett and Bandera, and changing the time of open season on such wild birds and fowls... [Mon Sep 27, 1920]
  • Authorizing the owner or owners of an oil and gas permit heretofore issued by the State of Texas covering university land, who individually or in conjunction with holders of other university land, has or have performed certain development work thereunder to designate what is to be known as a university land, oil and gas area to consist of one or more not exceeding six blocks of university land... [Mon Sep 27, 1920]
  • Amending Section 17 of Chapter 83 of the General Laws of the State of Texas, passed at the Regular Session of the Thirty-fifth Legislature... [Tue Sep 28, 1920]
  • Amending Article 1451, Title 29, Chapter 1, of the Revised Civil Statutes of 1911, relating to county finances, and requiring the commissioners court to examine and correct same, and to publish a complete itemized statement of the financial condition quarterly of the county, and each and every road district therein, and further requiring that said publications be made in a matter of record in the minutes of commissioners court of said county... [Tue Sep 28, 1920]
  • Relating to a special road law for Fannin county, Texas... [Tue Sep 28, 1920]
  • Creating Cove Independent School District in Orange county, Texas... [Tue Sep 28, 1920]
  • Amending an act passed by the Thirty-third Regular Session, creating the Eagle Lake Independent School District. [Tue Sep 28, 1920]
  • Creating a Prairie Hill Independent School District in Limestone county, Texas... [Tue Sep 28, 1920]
  • Diminishing the civil and criminal jurisdiction of the county court of Shelby county, Texas; to conform the jurisdiction of the district court thereto, and to repeal all laws in conflict therewith... [Tue Sep 28, 1920]
  • Creating Laneville Independent School District of Rusk County. [Tue Sep 28, 1920]
  • Amending Section 3, Chapter 60 of the General Laws of the Regular Session of the Thirty-fifth Legislature of the State of Texas, as amended by Chapter 44, House bill No. 107, Acts of the Regular Session of the Thirty-sixth Legislature, so as to make more definite and certain the power of the commissioners court to carry out the existing laws for the eradication of fever carrying ticks, providing facilities, material and labor; providing funds for same... [Wed Sep 29, 1920]
  • Amending Articles 3107, 3108 and 3140, Title 49, Revised Civil Statutes, 1911, providing that county executive committees shall be composed of one man and one woman from each voting or justice precinct in such county... [Wed Sep 29, 1920]
  • Amending 'An Act to create the Ninetieth Judicial District...' [Wed Sep 29, 1920]
  • Amending Chapter 98 of the Local and Special Laws passed by the Thirty-sixth Legislature in its Regular Session, approved March 24, 1919, entitled 'An Act creating the Leakey Independent School District in Real county, Texas...' [Wed Sep 29, 1920]
  • Amending Section 1 and Section 7 of an act entitled, 'An Act creating the Perryton Independent School District in Ochiltree county, Texas...' [Wed Sep 29, 1920]
  • Providing for appointment by the Governor of an Industrial Commission, composed of five members, to hear and make reports on controversies between employers and employes... [Wed Sep 29, 1920]
  • Safeguarding the ballot box in Texas at the November election. [Wed Sep 29, 1920]
  • Protecting workers at the ports of Texas and the workers engaged in the loading, unloading, transfer, and transportation of intrastate, interstate, and foreign commerce. [Wed Sep 29, 1920]
  • Protecting the cotton and cotton seed industry of Texas. [Wed Sep 29, 1920]
  • Levying an annual occupation tax upon emigrant agents engaged in or pursing said business in the State of Texas... [Thu Sep 30, 1920]
  • Regulating the business of emigrant agents... [Thu Sep 30, 1920]
  • Perfecting and completing of the marketing and warehouse system now in force in Texas, and to encourage the cooperative pooling and selling of cotton by farmers' associations, or any measure which in your judgment may serve a useful purpose in aiding the farmers of Texas in the present market crisis and to the end of obtaining a fair return for the products of the farm. [Thu Sep 30, 1920]
  • Situation facing the farmers and the entire cotton industry of Texas, stabilization of the rapidly decreasing price of cotton. [Thu Sep 30, 1920]

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