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39 special legislative session topics [ session: 57th, 3 C.S. ]
Topics are based on the text of the Governor's official proclamations and messages.

 57th 3rd C.S.  Proclamations   Supplementary materials

  • Amendment to House Bill 5, 57th Legislature, First Called Session, to extend the provisions of the Escheat Enforcement Law to banks and other banking institutions, or, in the alternative, to enact other legislation for the protection of deposits of missing owners and heirs and the rights of the State where no owners exist, including the following provisions: (1) That no bank deposits of lost owners or missing heirs shall be transferred to the profits or capital of any bank or otherwise reduced by charges or assessments while in a dormant condition (2) That after depositors have been lost or unknown for more than seven years, reasonable diligence should be made to locate them, including the advertising of their names at least once in a local newspaper (3) That any remaining deposits on which owners cannot be located for more than seven years shall be reported to the State and conserved by the State, still subject to delivery to owners or missing heirs who may be located at any time thereafter [Fri Dec 1, 1961]
  • Reorganization of the State Board of Water Engineers [Wed Jan 10, 1962]
  • Municipal annexation [Wed Jan 17, 1962]
  • Revision of the driver licensing law [Wed Jan 17, 1962]
  • Creation, expansion, or regulation of water improvement, reclamation, drainage, soil conservation, navigation, and seawall districts and authorities, municipal utility districts, bonds of public agencies, wharves, and contracts for water treatment plants [Wed Jan 17, 1962]
  • Validating acts and amendments thereto [Wed Jan 17, 1962]
  • Regulation of gas sold for irrigation purposes [Wed Jan 17, 1962]
  • Terms of courts, court reporters, district and county clerks, district attorneys, abstracts of judgments, probation officers, domestic relations courts, care of dependent and neglected children, juvenile boards, rehabilitation districts, hospitals, grand juries, mobile homes safety standards, public printing, trademarks, school trustees, airports, public roads, local game and fish laws, and the Texas Motor Vehicle Safety Responsibility Act [Wed Jan 17, 1962]
  • Group insurance for purchasers under the Veterans Land Program, retirement plans, and annuities for public school and college employees [Wed Jan 17, 1962]
  • Corrections or clarification of laws relating to principals in ten-year schools, Articles 5.15 and 13.34 of the Texas Election Code relating to residence change of voters, and county and precinct conventions, Article 240 of the Penal Code to apply equally to second primaries, Article 6675a-2 relating to registration fees for construction machinery, classification of State employees, Senate Bill 394 of the Regular Session (Article 911b) relating to motor carriers, House Bill 261 of the Regular Session (Article 6252-13) relating to rules of public agencies; and reimbursement of the Unemployment Compensation Clearing Account for warrants voided and erroneously transferred. [Wed Jan 17, 1962]
  • Disaster relief measures and emergency funds for the Game and Fish Commission and State Parks Board due to Hurricane Carla damages [Wed Jan 17, 1962]
  • Incorporation of San Angelo College and Pan-American University into the State system of four-year colleges effective September 1, 1965, as recommended by the Commission on Higher Education [Wed Jan 17, 1962]
  • Authorizing the State Building Commission and the Texas Employment Commission to cooperate in the construction of parking facilities on the block east of the Texas Employment Commission building in the City of Austin [Wed Jan 17, 1962]
  • Supplemental appropriation for the State Board of Barber Examiners [Wed Jan 17, 1962]
  • Return of approximately 1,200 acres known as Camp Hulen in Matagorda County to the City of Palacios, in view of the abandonment of the use for which the property was given to the State [Fri Jan 19, 1962]
  • Authority for Southwest Texas State College to exchange certain State-owned land for property owned by the United States [Fri Jan 19, 1962]
  • Authority for the State Parks Board to convey to the City of Mineral Wells certain land previously deeded to the city for limited purposes in 1951 [Fri Jan 19, 1962]
  • Conveyance of certain portions of the beds and banks of the Pecos and Devils Rivers underlying the Amistad Reservoir, on application of the United States Section, International Boundary and Water Commission [Fri Jan 19, 1962]
  • Discretionary authority for a juvenile court to refer to district court those juvenile offenders 16 and over who are charged with major crimes such as murder. This was a recommendation of the Texas Law Enforcement Study Commission in 1959, and was contained in House Bill 106 passed by the House during the Regular Session [Fri Jan 19, 1962]
  • Emergency appropriation to Prairie View A. & M. College for replacement of supplies, materials and equipment damaged or lost by fire January 9, 1962 [Fri Jan 19, 1962]
  • Authority for payroll deductions for investment in a county or political subdivision Employees Credit Union [Fri Jan 19, 1962]
  • Authority for State-chartered banks to make real estate loans up to 75% of appraised value. The present limit is 66 2/3%, and the State Banking Commissioner recommends an increase to keep pace with new regulations for National banks. [Fri Jan 19, 1962]
  • Correction or clarification of election laws by: allowing payment of poll tax in the county of residence at the time of payment, without changing other residence requirements for voting in the county; providing runoffs in special elections to fill vacancies in the Legislature; amending Article 13.08a of the Election Code relating to counties of more than one million population; amending Article 7.14 and 13.20 of the Election Code pertaining to voting machines and other voting equipment [Fri Jan 19, 1962]
  • Amendment to Article 4623 relating to contracts of married women, as requested by members with pending legislation on this subject [Fri Jan 19, 1962]
  • Construction, improvements, equipment, designation of buildings, landscaping and acquisition of property in the Capitol Area [Tue Jan 23, 1962]
  • Medical, hospital and funeral expenses of certain Board of Control employees [Tue Jan 23, 1962]
  • Unemployment Compensation Act as it affects distributive education and industrial cooperative program students [Tue Jan 23, 1962]
  • I commend the Senate for its action in proposing increases in the salaries of some of the State's top administrative officers. This I had recommended in previous budget messages, and although it had not been suggested specifically at this session, I fully concur in these proposals and recommend their enactment. [Wed Jan 24, 1962]
  • I also recommend a revision of the salary schedules and financing of the Texas Securities Commission, which is suffering constant losses of experienced accountants and examiners who cannot be retained or replaced at present salaries. [Wed Jan 24, 1962]
  • I am deeply concerned about the reductions which were made in the Senate bill appropriating funds for the tourist attraction program and the repair of the San Jacinto Monument and Memorial Museum. In view of the recognized merits of these two proposals, I am assuming that these reductions were made before the State Comptroller certified that there would be an additional $300,000 available for appropriation during this biennium. In any event, I strongly urge that these appropriations be restored to the amounts heretofore recommended. [Wed Jan 24, 1962]
  • I also recommend that the Submerged Lands Act (S.B. 71 of the Regular Session) be amended to include recreation as one of the purposes for which the land may be leased. [Wed Jan 24, 1962]
  • Authority for the Texas Employment Commission to enter into a compact with other States [Thu Jan 25, 1962]
  • Appropriating the balance in the Prepaid Funeral Contract Fund (No. 76) to the Department of Banking, as requested by the Banking Commissioner [Thu Jan 25, 1962]
  • Amendments to Article 527 of the Penal Code, as amended, relating to the definition of "obscene," requested by several members with pending bills on the subject [Thu Jan 25, 1962]
  • Amendments to Article 13.49 of the Election Code as well as Article 240 of the Penal Code previously submitted [Mon Jan 29, 1962]
  • Amending S.B. 192, Chapter 292, Regular Session of the Fifty-Seventh Legislature, to provide for abolishment of the office of County School Superintendent in certain counties, effective upon vote of the people on this question [Mon Jan 29, 1962]
  • Registration fees for liquid fertilizer trailers [Mon Jan 29, 1962]
  • Second district court for Orange County, effective September 1, 1963 [Mon Jan 29, 1962]
  • In order to clarify a previous submission, I hereby submit for your consideration an appropriation for replacement of facilities, equipment, materials and supplies damaged or destroyed by fire at Prairie View A&M College on January 9, 1962 [Tue Jan 30, 1962]

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