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20 special legislative session topics [ session: 67th, 1 C.S. ]
Topics are based on the text of the Governor's official proclamations and messages.

 67th 1st C.S.  Proclamations   Supplementary materials

  • Repeal of the state ad valorem tax [Thu Jun 11, 1981]
  • Creation of a Texas water trust fund [Thu Jun 11, 1981]
  • Congressional redistricting [Thu Jun 11, 1981]
  • Revision of the property tax code [Thu Jun 11, 1981]
  • Consideration of the medical practice act [Thu Jun 11, 1981]
  • Constitutional amendment authorizing the issuance of an additional $250 million in bonds or obligations of the state for Veteran's Land Program, similar to SJR 1 and HJR 4, already introduced [Fri Aug 7, 1981]
  • Creation of the Gasoline and Alcohol Mixture Fund for the encouragement of gasohol production in Texas, similar to SB 14 and HB 44, already introduced [Fri Aug 7, 1981]
  • Implementing legislation for the regulation and taxation of bingo games as requested by the people of Texas in passing the Constitutional amendment in November 1980. Proposed legislation has already been introduced as HB 3 and SB 29 [Fri Aug 7, 1981]
  • Granting the Department of Public Safety the ability to enforce weight and dimension limits of certain vehicles inside city limits, to prevent a threatened loss of federal highway funds. HB 134, already introduced, deals with this [Fri Aug 7, 1981]
  • Continuation of the State Board of Examiners of Licensed Psychotherapists and the regulation of Psychotherapists as contained in SB 7 and HB 133 already introduced [Fri Aug 7, 1981]
  • Amendment of Title 110B, Revised Civil Statutes of Texas, 1925, which was enacted by the 67th Legislature at the Regular Session and is a nonsubstantive revision of laws governing public retirement systems, to incorporate into the revision without substantive change the laws on the same subject that were enacted at the Regular Session and to make necessary corrections to conform the revision to the laws that the revision repealed. HB 126, already introduced deals with this [Fri Aug 7, 1981]
  • Consideration of matters dealing with the initial terms of additional justices of the Courts of Appeals [Fri Aug 7, 1981]
  • Granting the Department of Corrections the ability to transfer land to the Department of Public Safety to construct a building, as contained in HB 100 and SB 31 already introduced [Fri Aug 7, 1981]
  • Amendments to Title 122A, T-G for the administration, enforcement, and collection of state inheritance and generation-skipping transfer taxes and the examination of property of a decedent's estate as contained in HB 120, already introduced [Fri Aug 7, 1981]
  • Amendments to Article 28.01 Code of Criminal Procedure, relating to defects in indictments and informations, as contained in HB 112, already introduced [Fri Aug 7, 1981]
  • Availability of alcohol and other drug dependency coverage in group health insurance policies and other coverage as contained in SB 26 and HB 145 already introduced [Fri Aug 7, 1981]
  • Appropriations for the following: (A.) Making certain corrections to Article III of the General Appropriations Act, as contained in HB 62, already introduced; (B.) Appropriations of funds for the operation of the Automated Information Systems Advisory Council as passed by HB 1463 in the Regular Session. HB 113, already introduced deals with this; (C.) Appropriation of funds authorized by the passage of HB 1986 in the Regular Session; (D.) Appropriation of funds for the Texas Southern University Excellence Fund; (E.) Amendments to Sec. 2, HB 1623 of the Regular Session, relating to the disposition of funds collected or received by the state technical institutions as contained in SB 15, already introduced; (F.) Appropriation of $216,000 to Southwest Texas State University for repairs to buildings caused by flood damage, as contained in HB 147 already introduced; (G.) Appropriation of $121,000 to the Parks and Wildlife Department for repairs to the state fish hatchery at San Marcos caused by floods. HB 153, already introduced does this; (H.) A supplemental appropriation to the Attorney General's office for the purpose of securing and maintaining leased office space as contained in HB 142, already introduced; (I.) Appropriation of funds to the Industrial Commission to administer the Development Corporation Act as passed by SB 978 in the Regular Session. HB 156, already introduced does this; (J.) Appropriation of funds to the Agriculture Department for the control of agricultural diseases and pests such as the Mediterranean Fruit Fly. HB 151 deals with this and has already been introduced [Fri Aug 7, 1981]
  • Several technical corrections to HB 960 passed in the Regular Session relating to the composition of several State Representative Districts. [Fri Aug 7, 1981]
  • Amending Art. 8280-212, V.C.S. relating to the membership and election of the board of directors of the Ecleto Creek Watershed District. HB 138 dealing with this has already been introduced [Sat Aug 8, 1981]
  • Amending Art. 4476-15 and 5561cc, V.C.S. relating to fees for certifying drug abuse treatment programs and fees for application and for inspection for licensure of alcohol treatment facilities or programs. SB 35 on this subject has already been introduced [Sat Aug 8, 1981]

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