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31 special legislative session topics [ session: 68th, 2 C.S. ]
Topics are based on the text of the Governor's official proclamations and messages.

 68th 2nd C.S.  Proclamations   Supplementary materials

  • Comprehensive reform of primary and secondary education, including revision of school finance structure and for increased compensation and career inducements of public school teachers [Fri May 25, 1984]
  • Adequate funding for State Highway Systems maintained by the State Department of Highways and Public Transportation [Fri May 25, 1984]
  • Appropriation measures to implement the above and to enact such revenue measures as are necessary to fund those appropriations and to meet the State's reasonably anticipated future needs [Fri May 25, 1984]
  • Application of the workers' compensation law to farm and ranch laborers [Thu Jun 28, 1984]
  • Requirement of the use of child passenger safety seat systems and child safety in an automobile [Thu Jun 28, 1984]
  • Receipt, allocation, disbursement, and management of state revenue and other state money and of the times and methods of payment of the corporate franchise tax [Thu Jun 28, 1984]
  • Telecommunications services to state government [Thu Jun 28, 1984]
  • Improvement of staff-to-patient ratios at state mental hospitals by providing for the transfer and reappropriation of money previously appropriated to the Department of Mental Health and Mental Retardation and the appropriation of money received from the federal government for services rendered by the department before October 1, 1983 [Thu Jun 28, 1984]
  • Financing of the acquisition, construction, repair, renovation, or other improvement of buildings in Travis County for the use of state agencies and institutions [Thu Jun 28, 1984]
  • Bidding procedures under the group insurance program for state employees [Thu Jun 28, 1984]
  • Adjustment of appropriations to public junior colleges for the payment of insurance premiums for active and retired employees [Thu Jun 28, 1984]
  • Authority and duties of attorneys representing the state before the 75th, 253rd, 344th, and 355th District Courts [Thu Jun 28, 1984]
  • Replenishment of the emergency contingency funds administered by the Office of the Governor [Thu Jun 28, 1984]
  • Reassignment of duties relative to the Southern States Energy Board formerly performed by the Texas Energy and Natural Resources Advisory Council [Thu Jun 28, 1984]
  • To Carry forward from the current fiscal year the unexpended balance of money appropriated to the Texas Low-Level Radioactive Waste Disposal Authority for site development and construction so that the appropriation may be used for the same purpose in the 1984-85 fiscal years [Thu Jun 28, 1984]
  • Transfer and allocation of money previously appropriated to the Texas Department of Correction to comply with court orders in the case of Ruiz vs. Estelle [Thu Jun 28, 1984]
  • Authorization of participation in cooperative associations by federally funded health-related institutions, including the Children's Nutrition Research Center [Thu Jun 28, 1984]
  • Transfer of funds within the Employees Retirement System of Texas to finance an increase in current annuities [Thu Jun 28, 1984]
  • Amendment of the Property Code, which was enacted at the Regular Session of the 68th Legislature, to incorporate into the code without substantive change the laws on the same subject as the code that were enacted at the Regular Session and to make technical corrections to conform the code to the laws that the code repealed [Thu Jun 28, 1984]
  • Reappropriation of funds from the Public Utility Commission to the Office of Public Utility Counsel [Thu Jun 28, 1984]
  • Amendment of the Certificate of Obligation Act of 1971 [Thu Jun 28, 1984]
  • Improvement of roads and highways in the state and to promote efficiency and economy in the operation, maintenance and construction of said roads and highways [Thu Jun 28, 1984]
  • Adoption of a nonsubstantive revision of the statutes relating to civil procedure and civil remedies and liabilities [Thu Jun 28, 1984]
  • Seeking a credit from the federal government for the overpayment of social security taxes and to adjusting dates on which social security payments are made to conform with federal requirements [Thu Jun 28, 1984]
  • Authorizing the creation of special districts to provide coordinated emergency telephone service [Thu Jun 28, 1984]
  • Terms of the 356th District Court [Thu Jun 28, 1984]
  • Expenditures from the municipal court judges and personnel training fund [Thu Jun 28, 1984]
  • Regulation of office of district attorney of the 349th Judicial District [Thu Jun 28, 1984]
  • Tabulation of ballots [Thu Jun 28, 1984]
  • Certain transactions involving sales, service and repair of certain business machines [Thu Jun 28, 1984]
  • Jurisdiction of County Court at Law No. 1 of Dallas County [Thu Jun 28, 1984]

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