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19 special legislative session topics [ session: 69th, 2 C.S. ]
Topics are based on the text of the Governor's official proclamations and messages.

 69th 2nd C.S.  Proclamations   Supplementary materials

  • Amend H.B. 20, 69th Legislature, Regular Session, for the purpose of making spending cuts [Fri Jul 25, 1986]
  • Amending Section 21.301, 21,3011, 11.13(a), 21.702, and 21,035, Education Code, relating to the removal, suspension, or expulsion of a public school student; to discipline management in public schools; and to the excused absence of certain public school students [Thu Aug 14, 1986]
  • Disposition of certain fees and costs to be used for the support of the judicial branch of the state such as contained in H.B. 27 [Tue Aug 19, 1986]
  • Amending the Texas Family Code and Article 1918(b), Vernon's Texas Civil Statutes, relating to the enforcement of child support matters, in order to bring the Texas child support enforcement program into full compliance with the requirements of the Child Support Enforcement Amendments of 1984 (P.L. 98-378) [Tue Aug 19, 1986]
  • Amending the Tax Code to provide for a temporary 1 1/8 cent increase in the sales tax on taxable items sold in this state, such increase to expire no later than August 31, 1987. We are unable to bridge the state's budget gap without raising revenue or reneging on the commitment we have made to invest in the education of our children-an investment that is critical to the future of our state. We must not retreat from the reforms we have made in our schools and the commitment to excellence we have made in our universities [Wed Aug 20, 1986]
  • Constitutional amendment to prohibit a personal or corporate income tax, to maintain our favorable business climate in this state and to aid in our efforts to attract new business and industry [Wed Aug 20, 1986]
  • Legislation and a constitutional amendment authorizing interstate operation and acquisition of banks and savings and loan associations, branching powers for these institutions, and other measures to enhance the strength and viability of our financial institutions [Wed Aug 20, 1986]
  • Interim state budget execution authority [Thu Aug 21, 1986]
  • One-time deferral of the allocation to the state and local parks funds of certain cigarette tax revenues and the reallocation of such revenues to the general revenue fund [Thu Aug 21, 1986]
  • Fair and equitable treatment of employees through standard policies for employee grievance procedures in each state agency and situation [Thu Aug 21, 1986]
  • Procedures for an orderly and equitable transition in cases of reductions in personnel in state agencies or institutions and for a method by which employees may return to work should conditions change [Thu Aug 21, 1986]
  • Early retirement incentive program for state employees such as contained in H.B. 40 [Thu Aug 21, 1986]
  • Establishing the payday for state employees as the first day of each month such as contained in H.B. 62 [Thu Aug 21, 1986]
  • Purchase of electricity for state owned buildings located in the City of Austin, Travis county, Texas, such as that in H.B. 66 [Fri Aug 22, 1986]
  • Paperwork reduction efforts in public schools [Mon Aug 25, 1986]
  • Increasing the efficiency of existing procedures for issuing permits for the temporary operation of overweight vehicles by centralizing permit processing operations [Fri Aug 29, 1986]
  • Increasing licensing requirements for persons selling checks and money orders in order to strengthen the protections afforded consumers in their purchase of these checks and money orders [Fri Aug 29, 1986]
  • Allowing counties to establish a risk management pool to provide better coverage against liability for claims filed against those counties [Fri Aug 29, 1986]
  • Safety procedures for securities and investments owned by the State of Texas and its agencies and to the creation and management of the Texas Treasury Safekeeping Trust Company [Fri Aug 29, 1986]

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