Special sessions topics

21 special legislative session topics [ session: 9th, 1 C.S. ]
Topics are based on the text of the Governor's official proclamations and messages.

 9th 1st C.S.   Supplementary materials

  • Appointing a Joint Committee to examine both the financial and mechanical workings of the penitentiary... [Sat Feb 5, 1853]
  • Passing law to command the labor of adult male slaves on public works of defense [Sat Feb 5, 1853]
  • Passing a law with proper restrictions giving to the soldiers of the State in the Provisional Amry of the Confederacy, the right to vote... [Sat Feb 5, 1853]
  • Request Joint Committee be appointed to examine and report upon action and business entrusted to the Military Board... [Thu Feb 5, 1863]
  • Requesting a frontier regiment in the field to protect selected counties from Red River to Rio Grande... [Thu Feb 5, 1863]
  • Effecting a change in the military law with respect to commissioned officers liable to go into the ranks whenever the company to which they are attached falls below the minimum number of troops... [Thu Feb 5, 1863]
  • Making further provisions for support of families of those in service out of public treasury.. [Thu Feb 5, 1863]
  • Limiting the cultivation of cotton and increasing the growth of corn... [Thu Feb 5, 1863]
  • Investing the Executive with authority to close all distilleries by proclamation, empower him to do so by military force, if necessary... [Thu Feb 5, 1863]
  • Enacting state action to suppress the actions of extortioners and monopolizers... [Thu Feb 5, 1863]
  • Passing legislation notifying absent citizens to return to State in a given time, or face forfeiture of lands and citizenship... [Thu Feb 5, 1863]
  • Increasing the rate that is charged to count patients in the lunatic asylum... [Thu Feb 5, 1863]
  • Amending law to make currently exempted young and old men liable for military service if their assigned company falls below the minimum number for company and raising the minimum number considerably [Thu Feb 5, 1863]
  • Adopting a measure for compulsory withdrawal of currency from circulation of corporate and individual shinplaters [Thu Feb 5, 1863]
  • Repealing law that Confederate Treasury notes received into the Treasury can only be paid out for military purposes... [Thu Feb 5, 1863]
  • Repealing law to postpone forced collections of taxes until August 1... [Thu Feb 5, 1863]
  • Recommending all soldiers in Confederacy services whose property amounts to less than $5,000 be relieved from payment of poll tax... [Thu Feb 5, 1863]
  • Repealing or amending the law regulating estrays... [Thu Feb 5, 1863]
  • Requesting additional appropriations for the Hospital Fund... [Thu Feb 5, 1863]
  • Passing law to give soldiers of the State in the Provisional Army of the Confederacy right to vote in all general elections during the war... [Thu Feb 5, 1863]
  • Appointing a Joint Committee to examine and report upon action and business entrusted to the Military Board [Tue Feb 5, 1963]

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