Bills in the News: Gambling
Searching for bills about gambling online can be a daunting task, as a variety of different types of gambling has been addressed in legislation pending in the 82nd Legislature. Below you can find a list of the different subject terms used for gambling legislation. The broader terms, such as "Amusements, Games, Sports" will yield more results than the narrower terms, such as "EIGHT-LINERS":
There is no shortage of speculation about the expansion of gambling in Texas, and a handful of recent news stories explore whether expanded gambling is the right option for Texas:
Gambling is examined more thoroughly in a number of recent reports and resources:

 State statutes related to gaming activities, racing, and gambling can be found in the following chapters:
Some forms of gambling are legal in Texas, and there are state agencies that oversee particular types of gambling. The Texas Lottery Commission oversees the state lottery and charitable bingo, and the Texas Racing Commission oversees horse and greyhound racetracks in Texas.
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