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Texas School Finance Lawsuit

The Texas Supreme Court has set a September 1, 2015 hearing date for the Texas school finance case. Below are resources related to the case, as well as other helpful information regarding school finance in Texas.
The case:
By: Travis County District Court, 200th Judicial District
Related resources:
School finance manuals Texas Education Agency
Includes School Finance 101, an overview of public school funding in Texas.
An introduction to school finance in Texas (Revised June 2014) Texas Taxpayers and Research Association
School finance National Conference of State Legislatures
Information on state role in funding education, education finance litigation, and trends in education funding.
Tribpedia: school finance The Texas Tribune
"Chapter 41 of the Texas Education Code makes provisions for certain school districts to share their local tax revenue with other school districts." 
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School Finance in Texas

School finance is a topic of heavy discussion this session as state lawmakers debate how to fund public education in the face of a budget shortfall.  In this blog post, we've compiled a list of online resources that provide basic overviews of the school finance system in Texas.

School Finance 101: Funding of Texas Public Schools (Texas Education Agency, January 2011)

An Introduction to School Finance in Texas (Texas Taxpayers and Research Association, January 2012)

Texas Tribune's School Finance Primer (March 31, 2011)

School Daze (Texas Observer, March 30, 2011)

Texas Education Agency's page on School Finance

Resources for the current Texas School Finance system (Texas Association of School Boards)

Tracking the Education Dollar (Texas Association of School Boards, February 2011)

Education Finance (National Conference of State Legislatures),64,221#221

Funding for public education comes from a combination of state, local and federal revenue.  In the General Appropriations Act, state funding for public education is found in Article III, where it is nearly all appropriated to the Texas Education Agency (TEA).  Article III public education funding also is appropriated to the State Board for Educator Certification, the Texas School for the Deaf, the Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired, and the Teacher Retirement System.

See a discussion of proposed Article III public education funding (in CSHB 1):
CSHB 1: The House Appropriation Committee's proposed budget for Fiscal 2012-2013 (see Art. III: Public Education) :

For TEA operating budgets, legislative appropriations requests, and other funding information, see: